Here’re the London unis where grads are most likely to get a job or study offer

We are very sorry art students

London students grapple with money despite the city being more affordable than last year

One in five worry about homelessness while there’s been a reported ‘drastic improvement’ in living costs

Top London unis paid via Kremlin-linked bank days after Ukraine invasion

Imperial and London Business School got more than £700k from Russian partner despite claiming to have cut ties since the war

UCL Women’s Lacrosse allegedly tried to remove player after she reported sexual assault

The Men’s President has stepped down from his role, as multiple members now call for the removal of the Women’s President

‘Think twice about applying’: Students protest for trans rights during UCL open day

Protesters want their message to make prospectives ‘send their tuition fee money somewhere else’

UCL Men’s Lacrosse player investigated over sexual assault allegations

The team member in question has been suspended by the club

Stampedes, trampling and late headliners: All the chaos that went down at Wireless

Festival goers said they ‘feared for their safety’

Student ‘enraged and heartbroken’ to discover ‘anti-trans propaganda’ in UCL building

This was discovered two days after the 50th anniversary of Pride in London

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London’s pop-up LGBTQ+ community centre to remain for five more years

‘The Centre is more than the sum of its parts, and at its core, it’s a safe space,’ said visitor

Statues with ‘slavery links’ won’t be removed at Goldsmiths

The uni is keeping controversial statues despite 137-day student occupation protest

Queen Mary students ‘appalled’ by ‘incompetent’ outsourced marking

The uni was rumoured to hire Australian consultancy workers for grading during marking boycott

Goldsmiths warden claimed nearly £20k from the uni for taxi money over a two year period

UCU reveals massive personal spending by boss while staff lost jobs

UCL apologises for ‘culture of bullying and sexual misconduct’ at architecture school

‘Possibly xenophobic treatment’ of students went unpunished in Bartlett’s ‘toxic’ environment

Goldsmiths student arrested on suspicion of rape

‘I hope he can never do this to another girl,’ says alleged victim

London uni sent email ‘in error’ that appeared to reject applicant because they’re Russian

The uni said it was sent by mistake ‘due to an internal miscommunication’

The Elizabeth line is finally opening tomorrow

After 13 years of construction, we can finally travel on the much-anticipated purple line