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London student beaten by police in 2010 strikes is still seeking justice nine years later

Alfie was left with a brain bleed

UCL study finds white Eurocentric males overrepresented in uni reading lists

Female, black and minority ethnicity academics were underrepresented on reading lists

QUIZ: Can you guess the tube station from the map?

Only a true Londoner can get 10/10 on this…

Love Island: The nation’s obsession through the eyes of a foreign student

Can culture shock get any worse than this?

This UCL grad wrote her dissertation about Stormzy and he thanked her

Also she got a first, no biggie

Meet the UCL student helping to organise the largest climate strike in UK History

She helped at the latest march which 100,000 people attended

UCL Ranked 108th in Times Social Inclusion table

Why are we not surprised?

The Tab’s tips to help you settle into UCL

Welcome to UCL! Here’s how to handle the first couple of weeks

SUUCL have a plan to pilot sleep pods – but we’re not convinced

How much do you bet that people will still nap in the library?

UCL is the best uni in the world for studying Architecture and Education

KCL can suck it

We tried the new UCL/Imperial dating site so you don’t have to

Honestly, the things we do for you guys…

UCL accused of risking financial ‘body blow’ as borrowing doubles in a year

UCL’s overdraft is worse than yours

Here’s Jeremy Bentham’s Christmas 2018 wish list

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth – oh!and my head…

UCL comes last in ranking of participation of disadvantaged students

Sadly we’re even lower than Kings

LSE renames three buildings after famous suffragettes

It’s in celebration of 100 years of women winning the right to vote

‘Mohammed can’t play rugby because his headwear is illegal’: UCL rugby players on probation for racist chants and harassing girls

They sang a song about ‘treating a woman to a threesome’ and made a number of girls cry

Uber drivers are striking for 24 hours in London today

Will you get the bus?

Jeremy Bentham had 26 rings made when he died – now scientists are searching for them

Jeremy Bentham just gets weirder and weirder

Someone is petitioning UCL to rearrange Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton to a dabbing position

We’re backing this important cause all the way.

This rundown of the most hygienic places to eat around UCL will leave you shook

Apparently the Ramsay canteen is cleaner than Dillons