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Serena Bhandari
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Forget Netflix, this is what being a Tall Girl is really like

I am SICK of bending down to fit in photos

Edinburgh professor on trial for forcing student to strip on Skype as ‘punishment’

Professor Kevin O’Gorman has also been accused of whipping a student with a belt

Nominations for UCL’s BNOC of the year 2019 are open!!

It stands for BIG NAME ON CAMPUS

The government wants to charge EU students up to £38K a year post-Brexit

It’ll apply to students starting in 2021

So many people fell for the library April Fools joke that UCL have intervened

BUT there are another 150 library spaces!

UCL libraries to ban first years during exam period


UCL bans 49 students from Eduroam for pirating Rick and Morty


iPads have been officially banned from SUUCL elections following controversies

Ding dong the witch is dead

Excloosive: Phineas’ strawberry loo will be saved during its renovation

All is good in the world

‘Shocked and disgusted’: Departments at Warwick are slamming the uni for their group chat response

English, Classics, Languages and Politics have all condemned the university’s decision

UCL inquiry launched into historical ties to eugenics

We literally have a lecture theatre named after Francis Galton himself

UCL comes last in ranking of participation of disadvantaged students

Sadly we’re even lower than Kings

Meet the UCL grad starring in Netflix’s brand new Sabrina series

I want her life

‘I kept thinking I was going to die’: What it’s like taking N-ethylpentylone, the drug being sold as MDMA

Users have reported feeling paranoid and unable to sleep

Ramsay Hall had a makeover this summer and it’s not gross anymore

If there’s a god, let me glo-up as well as Ramsay did

University staff asked people what gender they were as they entered Sheffield SU gender-neutral toilet

The university has issued an apology over the incident

Lancaster ranked sixth best uni in the UK again in Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019

What else did we expect

Special report: Are unis telling parents if their sons or daughters are suicidal?

The Tab contacted 47 of them to find out

Friend of Joana Burns could go to jail for supplying the MDMA that caused her death

Joana Burns died after taking a quarter of a gram on her final night out as a student

Aldi has launched a new ‘hangover-free’ prosecco so I WILL see you in our 9am

Does this mean I can stop drinking own-brand vodka?

Could you write for The Tab UCL?

Don’t lie, you need something in life to balance out your dedication to the sesh

Jeremy Bentham had 26 rings made when he died – now scientists are searching for them

Jeremy Bentham just gets weirder and weirder

Someone is petitioning UCL to rearrange Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton to a dabbing position

We’re backing this important cause all the way.

These are UCL’s best dressed grads for 2018

These grads all have the back-up career option of being MY PERSONAL STYLIST

UCL are giving out lampshades shaped like Jeremy Bentham’s head at graduation

Don’t lie, you want one

UCL grads’ theatre company accused of discrimination after firing actor over her mental health

They messaged her boyfriend to say they’d decided to fire her from their upcoming fringe show

This rundown of the most hygienic places to eat around UCL will leave you shook

Apparently the Ramsay canteen is cleaner than Dillons

Ramsay Hall WON’T be closing next year

Is this a blessing?

UCL’s BNOC of the year 2018: Group Two

Fresh out of the oven

UCL’s BNOC of the year 2018: Group One

The competition of the year is upon us

Meet the students nominated for UCL Arts Personality of the Year

They’ve done more at uni than you’ve done in your life

Do you know UCL’s BNOC of the year 2018?

Don’t let their achievements go unrecognised

Queen Mary Law and History fresher fatally stabbed in East London

He becomes 12th teen to be murdered in London this year

The story behind UCL’s enigmatic strawberry loo: We investigated the mystery

Haven’t you ever wondered?

UCL protesters place AirBnB advert for South Cloisters occupation

‘No sex allowed’

A secret eugenics conference at UCL was attended by Toby Young

And we thought ‘white campus’ was bad

Nick Clegg to speak at UCL on how to ‘stop’ Brexit

It’s free, unlike university

UoL students disrupt filming to protest unfair working conditions

They chanted and dropped flyers during the filming of a TV show to draw awareness to the workers’ plight

UCL Women’s Network calls protest against Student Central’s booking of alleged sex offender

The lead singer of the band Cabbage has been accused of sexual assault

UCL students give freshers the advice they wish they’d had

Everything you need to know in one handy article

Disabled people aren’t ‘Undateable’, thanks, Channel 4

An analysis of how ‘The Undateables’ is patronising bullshit

UCL is the third fittest university in UK


LSE students crowdfund legal fees to take accommodation providers to court over mould, mice and construction issues

They’re aiming to raise £5,000

The Secret Life of Americans: uncovering the weirdest things that go on across the pond

It doesn’t just stop at their lack of eggcups

We talked to LGBT+ individuals about their experiences of homophobia

One person was told ‘a good dick will fix you’

Not your average student: meet the fringe voters who identify beyond the centre left

The communists are surprisingly down to Earth!

The Lib Dems are back and they’ve got sexy policies too: meet the President of UCL’s LibDem Society

When a Baroness tells you to found a society, you’ve really got no choice

‘The best policy is keeping tuition fees’: an interview with the President of UCL Tory Soc

Apparently free university education ‘devalues’ your degree

What to expect at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

It’ll be a wild ride, to say the least…

Meet the man behind the ‘Please do not swear on my profile thanks’ Facebook frame

It took a whopping 30 seconds to make

I’m Indian, I don’t think white people wearing bindis is offensive

Don’t let the white guilt get to you