UCL to rebrand as ‘The London University’ to distance itself from King’s College London

A leaked email explained that UCL’s name will change because it is too similar to KCL

University College London is changing its name to “The London University” in order to differentiate itself from King’s College London.

A leaked email sent to UCL staff has revealed that the university will receive a major rebrand in order to distance itself from KCL, with whom it shares a “longstanding rivalry” with.

The news follows UCL’s (predictable) London Varsity win and increased tensions surrounding the relationships between the two universities.

The email also outlined how the rebrand is also expected to provide “clarity and ease of navigation” to those seeking to engage with the institution.

The rebrand supposedly hails a new era for UCL, which many higher-ups hope will also help bring an end to the “longstanding rivalry” between the two unis, according to the leaked email.

As outlined in the email to UCL staff, the history of the feud dates back to “just under 200 years ago”, when KCL was founded as a “direct rival to UCL” and its secular outlook. Today, the rivalry tends to manifest itself in the London Varsity series, where the two universities play each other once a year in a series of sports games.

RIP UCL’s iconic branding

As well as in football, hockey and rugby, the rivalry is also apparent in the names of the two institutions: University College London and King’s College London.

Allegedly, UCL  also hopes the name change will “provide clarity and ease of navigation for all those seeking to engage with our institution”, the leaked email shows.

The overhaul is expected to make things clearer for tourists, students and academics, allowing those more unfamiliar with the London uni scene to smoothly steer their way to their destination without quite as much confusion.

April Crock, a second year sociology student, explained that she didn’t believe that the rebrand would be successful. She said: “UCL was here first, why do we have to change our name? King’s was established after UCL so if anyone should change its name, it should be them.”

I’m not sure why UCL is squandering its funds on a meaningless rebrand when there are far better things to spend it on. Realistically, they know this isn’t going to stop the feud between UCL and King’s, so I’m not sure what the point in it is.”

Another student, economics fresher Jules Thompson, shared a similar opinion: “The whole thing seems like a massive waste of money. UCL students and King’s students still aren’t going to like each other, and no amount of new signs and names can change that.”

However, others appear to be in support of the rebrand and in stopping the endless bickering between UCL and KCL students.

“Every year, the rivalry is fed by Varsity and both unis waste valuable time and money on it. Maybe with the rebrand UCL can finally put an end to London Varsity, and put their attention on more important things,” said Joe King, a PPE finalist.

And who knows – maybe it will bring an end to 200 years of rivalry, or maybe it won’t do very much at all.

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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