Here’s which Taylor Swift album your London university is, based on pure vibes

Sorry, but we can’t all be 1989 (Taylor’s Version, of course)

London may not be Taylor Swift’s favourite city anymore (So long, London…?), but London students are definitely still in love with her. Almost all the universities here have Taylor Swift societies, and her songs are sure to be passed down like folklore for years to come (wink, wink).

Like Taylor Swift’s albums, each London university has its own aesthetic, its own vibe – its own reputation, you might say.

Don’t blame me for what you’re about to read – it’s based on pure vibes! If you’re ready for it, scroll down to find out which Taylor Swift album your London university is.

UCL – 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

UCL students truly could build a castle out of all the bricks KCL have thrown at them.

UCL students are really here for the big city vibes. They have a reputation for being stylish, social, metropolitan – but, usually, also somehow highly successful with their internships and research awards.

They came to the big city, and found their Wonderland.

King’s – Red (Taylor’s Version)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Something about King’s College London is screaming Red to me – and it’s not just because of their logo.

Trench coats, hipster fashion and red scarves are all in plentiful supply on the King’s campus.

You could almost suspect all the War Studies students floating around to be a bit… Treacherous. 

LSE/Imperial – Midnights

You’ll be staying up studying until midnight A LOT if you choose to go to either of these unis.

Queen Mary – Reputation

Something about Mile End’s grunge vibe is giving Reputation. Maybe it’s the graveyard slap bang in the middle of campus.

Queen Mary might look a little scary and closed off from the outside but really, once you give it a try, it’s full of lovable people, just like Reputation is actually full of love songs.

Goldsmiths – Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

I’m not exactly why Goldsmiths screams Fearless to me.

Something about Princess Beatrice studying at Goldsmiths is giving Love Story – “you’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess” perhaps?

City University – Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

City University seems to be best known for both its journalism and business schools – I’m sure other degrees probably exist there, I’m just yet to find anyone studying them.

So, if you go to City, you might be in your Speak Now era. Maybe you’re an avid writer – Taylor wrote all the songs on Speak Now herself. Or you’re an aspiring businessperson with a point to prove – yes, you can and will make it big, exactly like Taylor herself went on to do.

Royal Holloway – folklore/evermore

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

This uni is so far away from the rest of us that its existence is basically folklore itself at this point.

Also, compared to the grime of central London, Epsom is pretty much the folklorian woods to us.

Take me to the lakes, in Epsom… scream the rest of us Londoners when it’s been weeks since we last saw trees, fields, or any semblance of natural life.

UAL – none of them

If you go to UAL, you probably consider yourself way above listening to something as basic and mainstream as Taylor Swift. Like who even is Taylor Swift anyway? Ew. 

It’s okay, we know you’re cooler than the rest of us, going out to your cool indie music concerts every week. Not that you’d understand that reference…

No London unis applicable – Lover

Whoever told me going to London kills your love-life was so right. It turns out that more people does not mean you’re more likely to find “the one” – it probably just means they’re more likely to have their AirPods in when you try to say hi in that cute (wildly overpriced) café.

If there’s a London uni where people have healthy, thriving relationships on the level people seem to at other UK universities, please get in contact so we can all get our applications in ASAP.

Featured image via @taylorswift on Instagram

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