ULU is back this Friday

Women’s Rugby are bringing it back for one night only

Yes, you heard it right – ULU is back this Friday (26th January) thanks to UCL Women’s Rugby resurrecting the long dead spirit of the much loved night. It’s all in the long Team UCL tradition of raising money via charity balls.

Long the favoured Friday night drinking and dancing hole of many a University of London student, ULU tragically shut its doors for the last time after a series of incidents – culminating in a miserable queue crush – which forced the management to decide to end club nights. For those among us too young to remember the halcyon days of ULU nights, former Tab London writers have described it as second only to Fabric and a solid 9/10 night. Expect cheesy tunes, absolute bops, drunken singing to Angels by Robbie Williams, and the distinct possibility that Sandstorm will be played at least once.


RIP disgustingly cheap ULU drinks

When asked why you should go to ULU, Anny – a 3rd year SSEES Economist – cited the “very romantic ambience” after finding her boyfriend in Student Central’s hallowed halls. 2nd year classicist, Olivia, met her flatmate at ULU, and also told us that apparently ULU stretches back to the 1980s – her dad used to go back when he was at KCL. Meanwhile Meghan, who is now studying as a postgrad at the University of Toronto descibed ULU as “one of [my] favourite places in London”.

Plus, ULU has a better photographer than Loop

Neil, a second year Psychology student, Dune enthusiast, president of the KCL Psychology Society, and ULU veteran said this:

“My first night in ULU was like Paul Atreides conquering the Shai-Hulud; a coming-of-age ritual that, while frightening, made me a better man. Without ULU my life has been like the planet Arrakis without the spice melange; desolate and bereft of purpose.”

As this is a charity event, tickets are a little more pricey than usual, but all the profits made from the night will go to Smartworks – a UK charity that helps homeless women with dedicated interview training and clothes to help them get back on their feet – and FoodCycle, who use surplus food to help end food poverty in Britain.

You can get your tickets here.