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Emili Stevenson
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ULU is back this Friday

Women’s Rugby are bringing it back for one night only

Rucking hell, it’s your Women’s Rugby Varsity squad

Smashing pints and the Poly since 1983

UCL Maddest Fresher nominations now open!

The most chunder-ful time of the year

Union replaces ‘Monday Big Ones’ with new Mexican drinks deal

The drinks included aren’t even from Mexico

UCL academics call for vote of no confidence in Provost

They’re worried about plans for expansion

UCL students launches new science magazine

Not helped by UCL’s impenetrable bureaucracy

The treatment of Imperial Women’s Rugby shouldn’t surprise you

‘Deeply ingrained misogyny’? Sounds about right

Women’s Rugby are hosting a charity beer pong event

Forget Varsity, this is the big time

Cards Against UCL

“The Tab London are so desperate, they’ll publish a novelty card game about ___”

The NUS are getting rid of £1 drinks on Mondays

The deal has become ‘unfeasible’

The far-right Neitzsche Club returns to UCL!

Their posters have appeared all around campus

UCL are going to close the Wilkins Garden Roof Marquee

They aren’t even replacing it

What do your halls say about you?

Max Rayne residents will probably end up in the national news

UCL is the fourth best university in the world to study arts and humanities

We’ve moved ten places since last year

A freshers’ guide to London’s LGBT+ clubbing scene

Now sissy that walk

Hackers are sending loads of spam emails to students at SSEES

The prank has already been compared to the infamous ‘Bellogate’ scandal

Northern and Piccadilly lines to get the Night Tube

Gutted if you live on the Hammersmith and City Line

A freshers’ guide to UCLU’s sports teams

Short, fat, and dirty.

Goodbye Fabric, the greatest club London ever had

Never will another venue be such a rite of passage

Tamid Chowdhury is your BNOC of the year

Long live King Tamid

UCL faces financial trouble after East London expansion

Michael Arthur said UCL was “barely financially sustainable”

BNOC of the Year 2016: The Final

Over 5,800 of you have voted so far!

BNOC Group 5 Winner Announced

Amber completes the final 5

BNOC of the Year: Group 5

There’s only one spot left

BNOC Group 4 Winner Announced

SELCS Treasures steamrolls his way to the final

BNOC of the year: Group Three

Who will win?

London student stabbed at Brixton house party

It was an unprovoked attack

BNOC of the year: Group Two

Battle of the social secs

BNOC of the year: Group One

You’ve probably heard of them

UCL accused of cutting bursaries for low income students

Students from less well-off backgrounds will get £500-£1,000 less next year

UCL climbs to 10th place in Complete University Guide ranking

Strand Poly didn’t stand a chance

Here’s every mad thing that happened at the NUS conference

Liberal hug-fest it is not

Malia Bouattia elected NUS president in face of controversy

She beat Megan Dunn by nearly 50 votes

Controversy as keynote speaker allegedly endorses Megan Dunn

June Sarpong has been accused of making biased comments

UCL fails to deal with pest problem at Max Rayne

Residents are dealing with the cockroach infestation themselves

Police presence in London increase following Brussels attacks

Over 30 people were killed this morning

Demo planned in quad tomorrow protesting censorship and rent

Two birds with one stone

Turkish Soc to host Candlelit vigil in the Quad tonight after Ankara attack

32 people were killed in Ankara last night

Here’s your women’s rugby side set to trash kings

They’ve been reigning champions since 2007

Petition launched to force General Assembly following Israel Boycott

It needs 2 per cent of students to sign it

Union Council passes anti-Israel boycott motion

UCLU are officially boycotting Israel

Here’s the UCL Taekwondo squad ready to ruin King’s

‘The only thing weaker than their kicks is their banter’

Everything you learn playing women’s rugby

The ‘hooker’ jokes get old

SSEES might not be the most established department, but it should be more respected

We’re your weird Slavonic cousins with a fancy building

Pride in UCLU Sport returns after a year long absence

It’s back for 2016

Berkhamsted is the only town which matters in the Home Counties

Our private school was founded in 1541

Best Dressed: Men’s Rugby Boat Ball

There are some really big shoulders here

‘Angry’ feminists are the only ones bringing positive change to campus any more

We’re making it better for everyone

RAG students to run Athens marathon

It’s the first of its kind

Every reason Loop is better than Walkabout

Walkabout’s DJ is called Spunky for starters

Pro-rape ‘pick up artist’ has organised a secret London meet up

He wants to legalise rape on private property

UCL slammed by activists over animal testing figures

Over 175,000 animals were tested on in 2014

Lumiere London was totally underwhelming

Installations were switched off due to overcrowding

Fossil Free UCLU occupy main quad pavilion

They’re calling for an end to all UCL investment in fossil fuels

How to dress wavey even though you go to UCL

You can pretend you go somewhere cool

We asked people if they thought their degree was really worth £9,000

Some people actually said yes

Outrage as George Galloway announced as a speaker for UCL debate

Last time he was here someone was wrestled off stage

Disability no longer regarded as an extenuating circumstance

Sorry dyslexics

We’re ridiculously rich as a uni so why is our gym so rubbish?

£160 a year for what