UCLU to keep ban for the tabloid they never sold

The Sun won’t come out in campus shops…even without the nipples

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A UCLU diktat that banned the sale of The Sun is unlikely to be dropped – despite reports it’s ditching topless models from Page 3.


The union passed a policy to blacklist the paper in May 2013, with its smallprint damning the divisive red-top as a “misogynistic national institution” that promotes “a racist conception of beauty”.

The 44-year-old Page 3 feature, branded ‘soft porn’ by the No More Page 3 campaign, is said to have been given its last outing by eggheaded Sun boss David Dinsmore on Friday.

But despite protestations that UCL was promoting “a mass media publication that repeatedly perpetuates the notion of women as sex objects”, insiders at the SU wot banned it today revealed that Union shops had never sold The Sun in the first place.

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Women’s Officer Annie Tidbury said she “wasn’t really sure why that wasn’t mentioned when the policy was passed”.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, she added: “the professional model on Page 3 who gets paid for her work has now been replaced by non-consensual photos of women on a beach – who thinks that’s better?”

Annie Tidbury

Annie Tidbury

One-time Daily Telegraph hack Tidbury, who recently saw off an attempt to have her job abolished, said Page 3’s new look didn’t mean she would be happy for The Sun to be sold on campus.

She said: “The covering up of some nipples do not a feminist publication make.”

“As well as publishing misogynistic stuff, it also regularly publishes racist, transphobic, ableist and Islamophobic articles. And that’s on top of all the awful stuff about benefits claimants.”

Unperturbed by the union’s stance, ESPS second year and 20-year-old Essex boy Lewis Barber said: “I can’t remember the last time I bought a copy of The Sun, or a newspaper for that matter. Print is dead.”