Patrick Maguire
Former Editor, The Tab London
I used to edit the Tab London with Gabriel Pogrund, and now I write a column.

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Where dreams go to die

UCL likely to have ‘broken the law’ during rent strike

They told protesters they could be prevented from graduating

If the police want to be taken seriously, they need to stop the cringe Twitter jokes

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UCL ranked 21st in the world by yet another league table

Does anyone still care about these?

Posh boys should feel guilty about a lot of things but listening to dubstep isn’t one of them

It’s time to welcome the Skepta-loving rich list in from the cold

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Patrick Maguire on why a Mexican hat isn’t racist

Yes, top-knots are ridiculous but banning them from campus is bizarre

A Mormon-run uni in America has deemed the man bun an ‘extreme hairstyle’

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Itemisers and sniffer dogs are the latest weapons in the war on fun

Mass fraud allegations hit Union election winners

Asad Khan had votes deducted but still won

Ex-Phineas quizmaster released without charge after taking on the EDL

The UCLU sabb officer was arrested in the West Midlands on Saturday