This map shows the Smithdown Road areas which are worst for assaults

There have even been assaults reported in Asda and Aldi

An investigation by The Liverpool Tab has revealed the true extent of just how many violent and sexual assaults in the Wavertree Area are reported to Merseyside Police.

Recently, there has been a spike in the number of assaults being reported and discussed by students in the Smithdown Road area, with the most severe case of 2020 so far being the sexual assault of a UoL student.

Merseyside Police released a statement about the situation, telling The Liverpool Tab: “We are taking this incident extremely seriously and gathering all available evidence”, as well as asking potential witnesses to come forward.

Merseyside Police’s violent and sexual assault records show exactly where incidents have been taking place, including sexual harassment experienced by students.

Focusing specifically on the popular student areas within Wavertree (including Smithdown Road), The Liverpool Tab has produced a heat map of the frequency of assaults here, based on police records.

This map shows all reports of violent and sexual assault for the first semester of this academic year, from September-December 2019.

The larger and more yellow the heat spots are, the more frequent the cases of assault are in that area.

The student areas of Wavertree with the most reported cases of assault are the roads on the south-west side of Smithdown Road, the top of Greenbank Road, and the roads that stretch the length of Smithdown Road to Picton Road.

The recent sexual assault of student Musonda John on the 15th February 2020 took place near Asda, with the police believing the suspect may also be responsible for six other assaults in the area.

Musonda told The Liverpool Tab: “I know everyone says this but please, please don’t walk around on your own, it’s really not worth it if something awful happens.

“I was lucky to be with my friend but you never know what could have happened.

“I think it’s really important to spread the word so he’s more likely to be found.

“I knew the situation was serious, but I didn’t know about all the other incidents the police mentioned and that this guy is becoming more known to the police.”

Musonda’s case and the increasingly frequent discussion of suspicious behaviour on student Facebook group Smithdown Ticket Exchange means that these incidents are being brought to other students’ attentions. However, this map clearly shows how vigilant students living in the Smithdown Road area should be in the coming weeks as these assaults are taking place.

If you’ve recently been approached or assaulted in Wavertree, or have any information about another incident, do not hesitate to contact the police on 999 if it’s an emergency. Otherwise, contact them on 101, anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or via Twitter @MerPolCC.

If you have any further information on any of the developing stories being covered by The Liverpool Tab, contact us via email at [email protected].

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