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The Tab’s survey reveals which clubs in Liverpool are the worst for sexual assault

91 per cent of you think clubs should be doing more


As a female student in Liverpool, I am unfortunately all too aware of the rape culture attitude that rears its ugly head on the occasional night out in Concert Square. It's become a sad norm in our daily routine of misogyny – another fact of life we're expected brush off (along with prospects of unequal pay). That's why we recently conducted a student survey about sexual assault in Liverpool's clubs.

It's time to talk about just how often we're exposed to this kind of behaviour on the dance floor and call out the people in charge of keeping us safe.

In our survey, just over 87 per cent of people asked had been victims of sexual assault in Liverpool. From those people 76 per cent didn't report it to a member of security, 5 per cent did, and something was done about their complaint, and 19 per cent reported it and nothing was done.

When we ask how many time on average the participants were sexually assaulted on a night out in Liverpool, the results looked like this:

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We also asked participants, in their opinion which club/s are the worst for being sexually assaulted in Liverpool? The top results included LEVEL, with 50 per cent of participants, The Raz/Blue Angel, with 36.36 per cent, Heebie Jeebies/EBGBs with just over 27 per cent and McCooley's at just under 22 per cent. Other names that were mentioned by participants were Baa Bar, Black Rabbit and La'Go).

Over 79 per cent of students that took part believed that sexual assault in clubs is a problem in Liverpool and over 91 per cent believe that the clubs here should be doing more to protect men and women from sexual assault.

After reaching out to the most commonly mentioned clubs from the survey, only LEVEL and Baa Bar got back to us.

Upon your bouncer you can depend

LEVEL had this to say on the matter: "At Level Nightclub we take any form of sexual harassment very seriously. We have strict procedures and protocols in place to reduce, report and prevent any such incidents from occurring."

Both clubs also provided us with information about initiatives they run to support victims of sexual assault and hep us stay safe, including the 'Ask for Angela' initiative (where guests can 'ask for Angela' to any member of staff and they will be ordered a taxi and taken into the staff area away from any threat).

Baa Barr's 'Ask for Angela' poster

Baa Barr added: "The victim is always our main priority they need to feel safe. If they choose that the incident ends their night we make sure they get home safe we will walk them to their taxi or if they live in city centre and want to walk home they will be accompanied safely home."

Whilst some clubs in Liverpool take this matter very seriously, many still have a long way to go. Concert Square really needs to step its game up when it comes to protecting students and locals alike, but we can all take steps to help improve nights out for everyone. Call it out and let a member of staff know.