It happened again.

AU take two: gutted if you’re a science student and not on reading week

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Courtesy of reading week, students could embrace AU without the thought of that dreaded 9am; or 10am; or any am/pm for that matter.

Once again, Concert Square was jam packed with bizarre costumes and rowdy sports teams.

The weather didn’t stop anyone from getting their kit off

Despite the chilly winter months slowly creeping in, the tops were off and the legs were out.

Spot the troll (the clue is in the green hair)

Revolution appeared even more packed than usual as teams were encouraged to leave Walkabout earlier to help keep up the party spirit.

Drinks were flying everywhere as you were forced to make one or two sneaky shoves in the direction of that really irritating girl trying to strut her stuff on the dance floor.

More shoving than loving

As always, hours of preparation to make your costume look the best were wasted as it was ruined as soon as you stepped foot inside. Curse those who wear body paint and choose to rub up against you!

If only people didn’t sweat and their body paint stuck to themselves

This year’s second AU provided even more imaginative outfits than the first.

The Tab chose 4th year Georgi Yordanov as our ‘Best Fancy Dress.’

Georgi from volleyball loving life as ‘Best Fancy Dress’

Next month brings the Christmas themed AU, one of the biggest and best nights of the year.

Get your ticket early!