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University of Liverpool beats LJMU in the varsity again


The Liverpool Foxes Cheerleading squads have released a new naked calendar

Are they the new Warwick rowers?

Who run the world? Girls clean up awards at AU Ball

Next year’s AU Pres and VP are also women

Initiations are just dirty and immature

Initiations aren’t cool, enjoyable or impressive

Meet the AU Captains – telling you everything from rum-fuelled catamaran days to group sex

The AU captains tell us why their team is the best on campus

AU to Host First Annual Winter Ball

Sport Liverpool and Lambrini have teamed up to bring you this year’s Winter Ball.

SportBite: October

VIDEO: The first instalment of our monthly round up of all things Sport Liverpool.

The Hangover

For those of you who don’t remember what happened at AU last night, here’s our rough guide.

AU Ball: Wine, Shots & Sporting Rivals

It was a fancy occasion with unfancy students

We’re Having A Ball!

It’s that time of year again, when AU does classy…

Bring It On

Tension builds as teams prepare for next week’s Varsity

Very, very merry AU

Christmas AU: definitely the merriest and messiest by far.

It happened again.

AU take two: gutted if you’re a science student and not on reading week