Very, very merry AU

Christmas AU: definitely the merriest and messiest by far.

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The last AU of 2012 definitely went off with a bang as hundreds of students braced the cold and relished in the seasonal festivities.

Some dodgy xmas costumes going on here…

Once again a sell out, both venues were packed with dodgy Santa outfits and guys enjoying wearing tights a little too much.

Everyone was in the festive spirit, taking full advantage of Rev’s £2.95 doubles and flavoured vodka shots.

Costumes were definitely not up to standard

Now the freshers have become accustomed to the ways of AU, the night was even messier than usual.

The DJ’s music had everyone on the dance floor strutting their stuff.

Go hard or go home girrrrl

The absence of mistletoe didn’t stop anyone from trying to get a cheeky Christmas snog as the beer goggles kicked in and everyone’s vision became a bit blurry.

There’s always one team that thinks it’s necessary to get their kit off…

As can be imagined, the Christmas themes were not particularly inventive.

Generic Santa’s swamped the dance floor, with the occasional shepherd and wise man dotted around the place.

One team clearly misunderstood the definition of Christmas though, as they all turned up covered in red body paint and wearing devil horns.

Very Christmassy

The Tab managed to find an inventive costume among the sea of red for our ‘Best Fancy Dress.’

Stephanie Barton, 2nd year, won our award with her imaginative camel costume.

Steph’s costume landed her The Tab’s ‘Best Fancy Dress’




AU may be over for the semester, but that leaves us all with plenty of time to recover for next term!