Who run the world? Girls clean up awards at AU Ball

Next year’s AU Pres and VP are also women

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It’s been a smashing year for our girls in sport, with every single team award being dished out to women’s clubs.

The girls are also showing who’s boss on the AU committee, with Stephanie Devine and Livvy Lock scooping President and Vice President.

Last week’s AU Ball saw women’s rugby league bagging the Top Club Award, following their successful work in promoting the sport this year.


Started from the bottom now we’re here

The netball team was the busiest of the night, claiming three prestigious titles – Most BUCS Points, Most Improved Club and Best Coach.

President of the netball club, Stephanie Devine, said: “It was a great sense of achievement to see a very successful season so highly received and commended.

“We were almost stronger and fitter than all our competitors, and the girls themselves have seen their personal achievements develop from September until now.

“I was very privileged to lead a large group of girls alongside a very helpful committee.”




Bring it on boys

Steph was also elected as AU president for 2015-2016, alongside wing-lady Livvy Lock as Vice President.

Steph added: “The emphasis on fitness and drive is what I want to bring to the AU.

“I think myself and Livvy will bring fresh ideas on how to best boost club performances across all sports in the hope of gaining Liverpool a well respected position in the BUCS league, as well as to be valued as an academic university.”

Danny Harvey, current AU President, added: “Sports in Liverpool this year has been outstanding.

“I’m exceptionally proud and am gutted to be leaving. However, I trust the individuals I’m handing over to are the best people for the job, and will collectively bring huge successes to the university’s sports.

“The sense of community and of being a singular institution rather than 48 different clubs has been as strong as I have ever seen it.”

He added: “I don’t think it’s important the AU Executive Committee is all-female for the coming year, or has been all-male in previous years.

“I simply think the individuals on the committee I’m handing over to are the best individuals for the job.”