Catherine Reid
Head of Talent

How intense are you?

There’s nothing wrong with a double text

I don’t want to have children, but that doesn’t make me selfish

I shouldn’t have to justify my decision

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Everyone on Insta is doing it

I would much rather have small boobs than get a boob job any day

30C and proud

Secrets no-one tells you about living in an all girls’ house

Everything is communal

It’s always the fun people who drink vodka squash at pre-drinks

Long live disco water

When you live with a couple, you’ll always have a favourite

And other life lessons you learn

Without a shadow of a doubt, volleyball is the hottest sport

All the babes play it

Revealed: The most tragic hometown club in the country

Over 32,000 of you voted

Things you’ll only understand if your sister is sassier than you

Is there a sex appeal gene I missed?

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Never enough Pitbull

9pm is Instagram at its peak

It’s 23 hours of crap and one hour of total gold

The mental and emotional stages of a dry spell

I’m fine about it

Forget Galentine’s, I went on a date to The Shard on my own

‘I can’t offer you company, but I can offer you some reading materials’

Finally, experts agree going braless is better for you

Free those nipples

Start drinking espresso martinis before Shoreditch serves them in mugs

It’ll rescue your night at 1am

Sky garden yoga is full of avocado-loving gap yah girls

These are not my people

What make-up artists really think of you

You’re definitely wearing the wrong foundation

You should be really proud of your big bum

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

How to be a west London PR girl

Eat kale and live in Brixton