The Hangover

For those of you who don’t remember what happened at AU last night, here’s our rough guide.

au au night Aura concert square drinking sport liverpool students university of liverpool Walkabout

Concert Square breathed a sigh of relief as AU moved its troublesome drunks to Aura where rowdy lads and lasses celebrated the start of this year’s sporting season true to form.

au 5

Aura did not disappoint; despite having had two cracking years at Revs, the new ‘superclub’ brought a breath of fresh air to AU nights.

The upstairs/downstairs social hierarchy of Revs is long gone, although having everyone in the same room posed some confusion to those who suddenly realised they no longer had their ‘spot’.

au 6

Tickets once again sold out, resulting in the standard pushing, shoving and awkward grinding AU is notorious for, even though Aura has room for 600 more drunken divas.

au 4

And it seems people still love to hate The Tab as the majority of the cricket team branded their t-shirts with ‘Fuck The Tab’.  Charming.

The fancy dress was on top form, with everything from builders to mummies and even Bananas in Pyjamas.

au 7

The Tab’s best dressed this time round went to Bethan Gaye from waterpolo, whose theme was safari.  Freshers had to go as animals whereas those waterpolo veterans donned themselves as park rangers.

au 2

You’ve got a month to recover unti round two, so get that kettle on.

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