In pictures: Lincoln’s newest freshers brave their first night out…at Quack

You guys were absolutely chaotic


The first night of Freshers is for many that first taste of freedom, giving students the chance to go completely wild whilst they experience city life. Freshers celebrates groups of young people coming together and enjoying the start of a new adventure with flatmates, course friends, potential relationships and future friends for life. It is a truly unforgettable experience and

So, of course The Lincoln Tab had to assess the vibes of the this year’s Freshers Carnival, and you did not disappoint. From cup collectors, party-hat fans and even bouncers, you were thrilled to flaunt our brand new Tab merch in style! You were all so eager to chat with us and show us some amazing poses, but we had to accumulate the best of the best.

Here is a round up of our favourite photos:

Starting strong with the king of cups

Don’t even think about littering with this hero around

Vibing on another level

They strutted their stuff from an unbelievable height

Queen status

She really said all eyes on me darling

Our bouncer bestie

Rumour has it the Lincoln bouncers love a promo pic

Life of the party

These guys were giving icon status

Huge fans

Truly our biggest hype-men


Never supported something more than writing ‘slay’ on your knuckles

The Scene girlies love us

Gorgeous gorgeous girls promo The Lincoln Tab

Basking in the spotlight

This is her world, we’re just living in it

Vodka, lime and soda anyone?

Spotted one of our very owner Tab writers!

Upcoming model

Bonus points for styling the shirt

Wholesome family photo

Such an adorable bunch

You guys truly went out with a bang and we hope the rest of your Freshers’ Week entails the same amount of absolute chaos.

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