New students of Lincoln: Here’s your essential Freshers’ bucket list

A round up of the best Freshers’ activities to help you adjust to uni life

Off to the University of Lincoln this September? Prepare to be on the receiving end of The Inbetweeners jokes for far, far too long. Your first year at university is fast approaching, and Freshers’ is the prime opportunity to become comfortable with the place and the people you’ll be living with. During these nerve-wracking few weeks, as you pack your entire life away into boxes and bid farewell to the family pet that you can’t possibly bare to leave behind, the concept of Freshers’ may be a source of stress for you. You’ll be meeting new people, moving into a new space, and beginning an entirely new journey in your life.

Naturally, you’re perhaps feeling overwhelmed, or unsure about which aspects of Lincoln are essential to engage with upon arrival. This list is your go-to guide to adjusting to life as a fresher. After all, Freshers’ only happens once (unless you’re a third year, clinging to the days when your grades didn’t entirely determine your self-worth).

Engage with others in the same boat as you

One essential aspect of university life is the people you will meet during your experience. Before moving into a new place, Facebook can be your saviour when it comes to finding your flatmates. There are various student-led groups available for freshers wanting to find and interact with their new flatmates before the moving-in date.

Likewise, these groups can also be a fantastic place to gain information on the societies available at the uni (and perhaps speak to some of the leading members of them). The university website is also a hub of information on the various hobbies and groups that can be explored during your time as a student.

Take a self-guided tour around Lincoln

If this is your first time living in Lincoln, you’re most likely unaware of what the city has to offer. During Freshers’ Week, either alone or with your flatmates, walk around Lincoln and familiarise yourself with your new home. Visit some of the local shops, grab a bite to eat, and scout out the cafes that you’ll inevitably end up studying in as deadlines approach later in the academic year (Waterstones Cafe is a personal favourite of mine). These small acts of exploration help to make Lincoln a place you can comfortably call home.

Brave Steep Hill and visit the Cathedral

Once the tallest building in the world, the beauty of Lincoln Cathedral is a necessary experience for all new students during Freshers’ Week. Whether you make a civilised journey there during the day, or stumble up there after a long night out, the Cathedral is a must-see for everyone. To get there, though, you will likely first have to brave Steep Hill (and it’s ridiculous gradient). After all, watching people who are much older than you walking up the hill with ease, whilst you’re all clinging to the railing for dear life, can be classified as the ultimate bonding experience.

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Attend the various freshers events available

Fancy trying your luck at an escape room with your new flatmates? Want to try a new hobby? Or would enjoying some popcorn at an outdoor cinema better suit your fancy? The uni hosts several Freshers’ events every year, allowing new students to engage with the services available at the university in fun and inventive ways. The events take place at the various student venues throughout campus, and are a fantastic opportunity for freshers to explore their surroundings and socialise with fellow students!

Host a pre-drinks with your new flatmates

Meeting new people can be the most challenging aspect of Freshers’ Week. Going from living with your family to sharing communal spaces with strangers can be very intimidating. To combat this, engage with Freshers’ as a group. Plan to visit events together, and break the ice with various drinking games before venturing out into Lincoln’s nightlife. It’s a fun and a way to break the awkwardness, and allows you to learn more about the people you’ll be living with.

The app store is stocked with games and activities to play with your flatmates during pre-drinks, preparing you for the long night of partying ahead. You could also try your hand at Beer Pong, or declare yourself the smartest in a tense game of Ring of Fire. If anything, aim to make long-lasting memories that you’ll reference fondly – and laugh about – throughout your entire university experience.

Experience Lincoln’s nightlife through Freshers’ events

Freshers’ Week is a guaranteed way to gain first-hand insight into the Lincoln nightlife experience. Before the first term at university commences, engage with what Lincoln nightlife has to offer to freshers! Whether you want to be covered in UV paint, want to battle your way through the foam at a foam party, or want to try your luck at possessing the prized Quack duck, there are opportunities for every student to enjoy their Freshers’ however they see fit.

Either buy a select wristband – providing you access to an entire week’s worth of Freshers’ mayhem – or book the specific events that you’re interested in. Alternatively, go with the flow! See what events your flatmates are interested in attending, and use Freshers’ Week as an opportunity for you and your new flatmates to experience clubbing in Lincoln as a cohort.

Stay out until the club closes (and get a drunken kebab as a reward)

Whilst out clubbing, it can be hard to resist the temptation to walk back to your accommodation and crawl into the warm sheets of your new bed. Try to consider Freshers’ Week to be the optimal time to challenge yourself and have as much fun possible (before your university experience truly begins). If you’re up to it, brave the early morning walk back home and stay at the club until they’re kicking you out. On your journey home, make a stop at one of the local kebab shops. They’ll be sure to satiate the drunk needs of you and your flatmates.

Experience a uni-style hangover day

Watching films and ordering unhealthy food – how better to become best friends with your new housemates? After the excitement of the Freshers’ partying comes the harsh aftermath – a day spent regretting just how much you decided to drink the previous night. Students will be no stranger to these during Freshers’, so spend them wisely. Rest up, drink plenty of water, and bond with your flatmates over a good film and the various delivery services that Lincoln has to offer.

However you decide to spend your Freshers’ Week, the most important part is to have fun doing it your way. University is the ultimate place to challenge your boundaries and find out more about who you are, and Freshers’ Week is merely the beginning of that journey.

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