Lincoln University cancel cathedral graduations following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The ceremonies have been rescheduled to January 2023

University of Lincoln has announced that following the Queen’s death on 9th September 2022, the upcoming graduation ceremonies will be postponed to January next year.  The graduation team explained: “This is because the Cathedral and Castle are not able to stage events during the period of national mourning.”

One of the main attractions of studying at Lincoln is the promise of a graduation ceremony at the Cathedral, a stunning and extremely picturesque venue. The grad team acknowledged the importance of the location to students on the University of Lincoln website.

They explained: “We understand how important it is to our students and their families to graduate in the splendour of Lincoln Cathedral and so rather than stage the ceremony at a different venue, it is our intention to reschedule the ceremonies to take place at Lincoln Cathedral in January 2023.”

However, student opinion on this decision is not wholly supportive of this choice. After speaking with Emma, whose ceremony has been postponed, it is clear that whilst understanding the sadness of the occasion it was hard for her to not feel disappointment about the cancellation of the ceremony.

She said: “It’s frustrating that I have to wait four months to graduate and is especially sad after seeing all of my friends do it. I wish the uni could prioritise the occasion and have it happen in a couple of weeks time. I have paid for a hotel and bought a dress that isn’t suitable for the winter, so I’ll have to buy another one or freeze.”

The university has reassured students that it was a very difficult decision to make, saying: “We regret any inconvenience this may cause but hope all our graduands and guests will understand we have not made this change lightly.”

To accommodate international students and those who cannot make the January ceremony, the grad team have organised a small reception to go ahead this week but in a different location. This was held today at the County Assembly Rooms located on the Bailgate where the Vice Chancellor and Pro Chancellor were present.

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