Clubbers of the week: We’re back in session in week eleven

New year – same old drunken mistakes

Christmas and New Year may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the partying has ended. At least, that’s how it looks when we went through this weeks club photographs. Donning your new outfits you got in the January sales – thanks student loan for providing us all with the feeling of financial stability – this week has been about reliving the Freshers’ experience. Which obviously means spending (not wasting, you tell your parents down the phone when they ask you if you’ve eaten properly since coming back) the rest of your loan on as many drinks as you can carry at once.

Hero of the week

True heroes aren’t afraid to admit that a good night out isn’t complete without an orange and passion fruit VK

Runners up

Ah yes, Hercules and his trusty sidekick Spiderman

Heroes need a superhero base. Some have bat caves, others get ball-pits

Heroine of the week

This girl is gorgeous AND gives out food? A true heroine <3

Runners up

VK girlies are the best people to meet on any night out

Heroines have this kind of confidence

Album of the week

Party in the USA energy

Runners up

It’s his world we just live in it

This is giving me house party vibes

Creeper of the week

Peace and love from this weeks creeper

Runners up

Creepers being crept on by another creeper – it’s creep-ception

This week was all about the peace signs apparently

Squad of the week

It has How I Met Your Mother energy and I love it

Runners up

Friends that dress up together stay together

This squad clearly have a signature pose

Stunner of the week

This weeks stunner of the week is actually a gorgeous girl gang

Runners up

Just two besties being pretty and having a good time

I just know you all have zero bad angles

Unhappy clubber of the week

This poor guy just watched his mates buy a round of shots without him

Runners up

He wanted to get by but also didn’t want to spoil the photo, points for not frowning while you waited

When your mates all really want a group photo but you’re not feeling it

Wtf of the week

Are you just napping – under all that?

Runners up

When they’re running out of stuff to give away

I want to know if this photo was discussed before it was taken, or whether the girls were just too happy with their doughnut to realise wtf was going on

Best of the rest

There’s a lot to unpack in this photo

Gorgeous gorgeous girls have the best smiles

Again: if someone could explain this to me that’d be great

Just a couple of guys and their funky shirts

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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