PSA: This is how women in Lincoln can do a free UTI home test using just their phone

The Dip UTI app and kit and pharmacist consultation are provided free of charge by NHS Lincolnshire CCG

Women in Lincoln will now be able to be tested and treated via the NHS for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in the same day without having to book an appointment.

The NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group has teamed up with Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy and to offer a brand new UTI home testing service.

The home testing is a new app that turns your mobile phone camera into a diagnostic medical scanner.

How do I access the service?

Under the ‘test and treat’ service, women can visit a Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacy that offers the service. Those who are eligible will be asked to download the ‘Dip UTI’ app and take home a Dip UTI urine dip-stick testing kit.

From there, the user dips a testing strip into a mid-stream urine sample then places it on a colour board and scans it with their smartphone camera. The test takes three minutes.

The scan is then downloaded onto the app and analysed to provide an indication of how likely a UTI is present. Patients can return to their local Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacy to seek a diagnosis from the pharmacist, based on their test results and symptoms, and be advised on the best course of treatment.

How does it work?

The Dip UTI kits contains one single wrapped urinalysis reagent strip, one biocompatible urine collection cup and lid, one colour board, a user manual and the smartphone app.

The app takes the user step by step through the test. The user will be instructed to fill the cup with urine, dip the stick in the urine for one second, place it on the colour board, scan the dipstick with the in-app scanner and receive the results.

Am I eligible?

The test and treat service is intended for the use of non-pregnant women, aged 16 and over but under 65 years who do not suffer from diabetes and do not have indwelling permanent or intermittent catheters.

Women with recurring UTIs (two in the last six months, or three in the last year) are not eligible to use the service.

If you wish to receive the kit, you must own a smartphone that supports the app.

Pharmacists will undertake a consultation with the patient before the app is discussed, this is to check for eligibility, any red flag symptoms and medical advice.

Where are Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies?

The service is available at several pharmacies in Lincoln. These include Burton Road, Cabourne Avenue, Monks Road, Newland Health Centre, Sincil Street, St Botolphs on the high street, and the Winning Post Store on Carholme Road.

Sandra Williamson, Chief Operating Officer, NHS Lincolnshire CCG said: “We are delighted to be working with to deliver this innovative testing for UTIs for women across Lincolnshire. By using technology we are allowing women to be able to take the test at a time that is convenient to them and in the comfort of their own home. We have seen some great results and look forward to working with to roll this out further across Lincolnshire”.

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