Here are 21 memes about clubs reopening on June 21st every Lincoln student can relate to

These 21st June memes slap harder than the actual announcement

Yesterday Boris Johnson announced his roadmap for England to get out of lockdown and people are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of March, we’ll be able to see more of our friends outside but the best news of all was the announcement that nightclubs could be reopening by 21st June.

The reopening of nightclubs is the final stage of the government’s roadmap, along with no legal limits on social contact or events like weddings and funerals.

It is subject to review, but Twitter has created some of the best memes to celebrate the news. From hangovers on 22nd June and saving your student loan for summer, these memes have summed up what we’ve all be thinking about.

These are the very best 21st June memes every Lincoln student can relate to:

1. Brings a tear to my eye x

2. The truth and nothing but the truth

3. Cutting about in Moka, can’t wait

4. Anybody??

5. Walking through the doors of The Swan like

6. Let’s do this x

7. Pretty much

8. Back and better than ever

9. Mind your business please and thank you x

10. Priorities

11. Bless their cotton socks x

12. Bojo please don’t let us down

13. Aha

14. Need to gather my bearings

15. Get me to the Square Sail now

16. I better not

17. It’s been a while…

18. A bit of Oh Polly here, a bit of ASOS there


20. Stressful but doable

21. Need all the practice I can get

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