Which iconic Tik Tok sound are you based on your Lincoln accommodation?

Maybe it’s time to take a break from Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a safe space for every student when we want to dissociate ourselves from our Microsoft Teams calls, the neverending ICT Support emails, and doing uni work in all forms. The app has taken over, whether you decided to be a Tik Tok star in the first lockdown, or have 30+ drafts you’re too afraid to post, or if you’re just there for the memes – we all have the app for one reason or another.

We’re all keen to know what type of fresher we are, what accommodation we are based on our Valentine’s habits; but what about which Tik Tok sound you are based on the uni halls you live in? Through extensive Tik Tok sounds compilations and “renegade, renegade” playing repeatedly in my head, we have paired seven Lincoln accommodations with iconic Tik Toks.

Lincoln Courts – “I’m in the ghetto”

This forever popular Tik Tok sound has had millions of replays, and that’s just in our heads alone. It’s a sound we all know and love, similar to Lincoln Courts but this is arguably what every fresher must have been thinking when they walked through the courts to get to their flat. With sick allegedly being scooped out with a ladle in one flat, there’s no denying why we associate Courts with this sound.

Despite all the stick it gets, it can be nice to live there, if you enjoy single beds and blue… a lot of blue.

Cygnet Wharf – “Party Girl”

The lyrics “Lil’ mama a party girl, she just wan’ have fun too” pretty much sums up Cygnet Wharf. Arguably the best halls for parties, pre-covid times of course. Despite no one really being able to decide which block is more superior, Cygnet is the place to be for pre-drinks before a messy night at SuperBull.

The accommodation may be full of wannabe Tik Tok stars who worship Charli D’Amelio and copy her dances, but each to their own, we are in a lockdown after all. It’s not like there is anything else to do.

Viking House – “You are in a private school”

“We live off daddy’s money.” Need I say more? In all fairness, Viking House is a nice accommodation but for £6,528 a year, I’ll let you make your own assumptions.

Valentine Court – “How Bizarre”

According to their confessions page, a lot goes down in Valentine Court and it’s rather bizarre. Despite it being an absolute trek to campus, you can’t really complain given how aesthetically pleasing both the exterior and interior are.

If you ask your pals, they could maybe name one or two people who live in Valentine Court. But no one really knows why they chose to live there. Invited to a pres before a 10 o’clock curfew ticket? Yeah, I’ll be at Junxion instead. Do people who live in VC turn up to uni? Is anyone really there? How bizarre.

Gateway – “Where is the flavour?”

Where is the flavour? No really, where is it? The only good thing about Gateway is probably that it is placed opposite a McDonald’s, perfect for a post night out feast, or just to have mozzarella dippers on your doorstep.

That’s all that can really be said about Gateway, just piggybacks of Pavilions if you ask me.

Pavilions – “I just wanna be appreciated”

Poor Pavilions, everybody has something to say about it but it is actually the place to be if you want to have an actual good time. Much like its confessions page, they just want to be appreciated. Another accommodation that can’t decide on which block is better, (it’s block B).

You may be unsure where to find it, but it’s the easiest to go and do your food shop and get onto campus but let’s not talk about the walk back from the high street.

Danesgate – “She don’t see us?”

Tucked away in the pits of town, it’s fair that you probably wouldn’t see Danesgate if you were taking a leisurely stroll up to Steep Hill. Yeah, that’s how far up it is. Despite being an ideal location for nights out, first years haven’t been able to experience the pleasures of walking five minutes and being at Home or Moka.

Even if you were looking closely, you’d probably still miss it.

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