QUIZ: We can tell what kind of fresher you are based on how you spent lockdown

We all know you only bought LEDs because Tiktok told you to

Freshers. A word that can bring back so many memories – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Part of becoming a fresher is recognising that you will probably fall into a sub-category. Older students will see these differences a mile off, although the university hoodies and clean notebooks are kind of obvious to everyone (pro tip: ditch the hoodie and we’ll take you seriously).

However, this year freshers will have been preparing for university under completely different circumstances. Did we still find a way to organise you into the same characters you see every year? Of course. How you spent lockdown is probably a good indicator of what kind of fresher you will become. And so with some thought and a lot of scrolling through Tiktok, here’s the quiz you need to let you know what type of fresher you will be.