A group of Lincoln Freshers have made an Instagram dedicated to Stella Artois and it’s amazing

‘A drunken idea that just ended up being quite funny’

Back in January, a group of Lincoln freshers turned their love for Stella Artois into an Instagram page, and it is quite possibly the best thing to come out of this year’s group of Lincoln freshers so far.

Some freshers make a beach in their accommodation, while some have spent their time necking down Stella’s, and who can blame them?

To feature on @lincoln_st3lla, you simply DM them your “stellabrations”, or tag them in your photos with a can or bottle of Stella Artois. Their account is quite literally “just a Stella in Lincs”.

The owners of the account told The Lincoln Tab they decided to start up the page from “a drunken idea that just ended up being quite funny.”

We rounded up some of our favourite photos students have submitted to Lincoln Stella and it’ll truly brighten your day.

Some heavy lifting going on here

Stella’s taking in the sights

Isn’t Stella lucky?

Maybe Courts isn’t all bad

Just a bunch of Stella’s and their lads x

Stella make an appearance at pres

Stella really makes the photo imo

If in doubt what to do in lockdown, these freshers and plenty others are having bright ideas to keep themselves occupied and keeping us all amused.

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