A Lincoln fresher missed the beach so much he made one in his accommodation

‘We turned the heating up to make it feel hot’

Lockdown is getting to people in many different ways, but one group of Lincoln students have gone full Club Tropicana and turned one of their halls bedrooms into a beach.

The first year students filled their uni accommodation bedroom with sand and created a full on seaside escape, simply because they “missed the beach so much”. Seems fair.

The Lincoln fresher who bought the sand said the process of putting it all in his bedroom was “quite quick”.

“I went to The Range, saw some sand was on sale and thought ‘I really miss the beach’, so I decided to bring the beach to me and experience the beach as a flat”, he said.

“My bedsheets have sand in them which wasn’t that cool, but it’s worth it.”

We can only imagine the number of trips that will take to Circuity Laundry.

The fresher told The Lincoln Tab: “The sand was £20.90 for 10 bags. Quite a deal if you ask me. It took about an hour to put down.”

When asked why the rest of his flat agreed to make the beach, the students said: “We didn’t agree, he asked and we said yes as a joke and then he actually did it.”

The students have since cleaned up the bedroom because although a beach is a nice thought, it isn’t ideal to have sand in your bedsheets all the time. But if there is one way to keep your spirits up over lockdown, these freshers have got it covered. It might not be quite Skegness, but it’s close enough.

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