Restaurants, socialising and concerts: What Lincoln students miss the most pre-corona

Cba, just want the pub back x

So, it has happened. 2020 left and 2021 arrived, and I think we all collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Until good old Boris got on the telly and told us something that we’d all been expecting, really – Covid cases are up, and as a result, there’s no alternative but to go into another full, national lockdown. I get it, but seriously? I just want to go to the pub.

Suddenly it was as if every uni student was back in March – debating whether to stay in their university city or go home, desperate to know what we were meant to do because once again uni students were not mentioned in the nation’s address. But in spite all of this, I couldn’t help but reminisce about what could have been for this year, and what I missed about the times before the word lockdown was such a regular feature in my vocabulary – and more importantly, what you missed the most about the good old days.

We asked Lincoln students what they missed doing before Covid-19 was all we thought and spoke about every day.

Going Out 

That is, out-out. Judging from the responses from students, I’m not the only one either. You don’t realise how long it has actually been since a proper night out, and no going to Morrison’s or sitting in your garden drinking tinnies does not count.

I can almost see it, actually. Deadlines looming, the flat is an absolute mess. Your flatmate probably left some milk in the fridge that everyone is too afraid to open. Someone suggests Superbull and you all dismiss it. Deadlines, dissertation work – you’re behind on, you’re basically crippled with assignments now. The excuses are endless – but someone’s said it now, and the idea festers as you try to remember the Harvard referencing style without having to Google it for the 17th time.

You think to yourself: “I could just go for a bit”, and you’ve already lost. Suddenly you’re seven drinks in and you’re toppling down the stairs at Moka, two at a time. There’ll be a post about you on Linconfess tomorrow, thanks to the fifteen people who witnessed your shame. Luckily, you won’t remember it was you.

Coffee Cats 

Admittedly, none of you mentioned this directly, but honestly, they deserve a mention, because as soon as I mention the only Cat Cafe in Lincoln, people tend to go wild. Apart from the people who don’t like cats (and they shouldn’t be trusted anyways).

Coffee Cats has such a friendly atmosphere, and what’s better than unwinding after a long day at uni than playing with cats? Nothing, exactly. Coffee Cats is home to a group of loveable rescue cats – all mischievous and adorable. When The Tab last took a visit in 2019, we couldn’t get enough.

Gigs and Concerts

One of the greatest tragedies of Covid-19 is the fact that the ‘My Chemical Romance’ concert was postponed. (Well, maybe not the biggest tragedy but you know, my inner emo wept real, eyeliner stained tears). Also, we can’t forget the fact that JLS reunited and again another dream was shattered and the concert was postponed.

After having the words social distancing ingrained into my brain, how on earth were we allowed to cram into such a massive venue, no space, and screaming along to our favourite bands? Feels like a fever dream.

Going to a pub or a restaurant

Remember when we could wander into a restaurant freely, without a mask, sit down and then immediately stand up to order food at the bar? Remember having to wrestle your way to the front just to be able to order your halloumi fries from Tower Bar? Maybe you’re more civilised than I am, and you went somewhere like Pizza Express or Cosy Club. Either way, as a food lover, this is something that hits hard.

Going to the pub is such a distant memory. Was that something we did, or am I just imagining it? Just picture it, you and your pals, sunglasses on, sipping on pints in a beer garden. Oh, how I miss the pub.

The Christmas Market

I saved this one until last because I’m still mad about it, and I don’t really want to talk about it. But it’s something that everybody misses, so it’s relevant, so I have to confront my demons.

I think this one hits hard because I was in Lincoln a few years ago, when they cancelled the last day of the Christmas Market due to a forecast of heavy snow, and instead it lightly drizzled for the entire day. When they announced it this year, I lived in denial for a bit, feeling cheated.

2019 Christmas, it was as if every Lincoln student had the same idea. Meeting with a group of friends, no bother if they were from a separate household. You went to Thor’s Tipi Bar for a boozy hot chocolate in preparation for the trek up Steep Hill. Once you’d bashed out the hot chocolate and the walk, walking around the Christmas market began, taking group pictures with Santa, and it was the greatest feeling ever.

Maybe this year, eh?

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