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Lincoln’s new cat cafe is the answer we all needed to uni stress

Purr-fect for a post lecture meet up

Lincoln opened its doors to Coffee Cats last week, providing a brand new hot spot to relax (and cry) when uni is getting just a little bit too hard.

The adorable new cafe located on Silver Street offers a relaxed hangout space where you watch cats as they play, rest and climb the medieval themed playground.

Open for a small admission fee Tuesdays to Sundays, and with six furry friends to visit, we decided that this is now the only spot needed to deal with uni stress (or to visit because it's just so cute).

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Coffee, cake and cats. What more could you want?

Here's how it works:

On arrival, you are given house rules and a menu listing various drinks, an extensive range of tea, a variety of cakes and…NOODLES.

Entrance fee is only £2.50 for 30 minutes or £5 for an hour and you are even given a small bottle of treats to give to the cats on arrival!

Once you have paid admission you are free to relax, drink and stroke the cats to your hearts content.

You have to book everyday to visit apart from on Wednesday's where they offer a walk in session.

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What are you looking at?

In house rules:

To make sure the cats stay safe and happy you are given a small set of in house rules on arrival.

These include to not wake the cats, not pick them up, and to introduce yourself before stroking them.

But don't worry, they love being around humans so expect them to approach you and want some attention whilst you're there!

Now let's talk about the cats:

There are six cats, all from the same rescue shelter: Cleo, Mary Moo, Snorri, Matilda, Little Boo (Boudicca), and Ratatoskr.

As you could tell from the names, there is a heavy medieval vibe which shown through the cafe's interior design.

Castle-like structures are placed in the cafe allowing sleeping places for the cats, areas for them to explore, as well as places to hide and sleep, should they not wish to interact with customers (which they mostly do).

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Don't bother the queen whilst she is sleeping…

From our visit, we have decided that Coffee Cats is now where we will be spending most of our student loan and getting some well earned detox sessions with our pals.

But if you haven't decided yet, visit the Coffee Cats website to find out more!