Lincoln’s Tory MP blocks the Uni of Lincoln’s Labour Society on Twitter

The society wanted to ask the MP about food parcels given to children by private companies

The University of Lincoln’s Labour Society has been blocked by Lincoln’s Conservative MP, Karl McCartney, on Twitter.

The society had previously hit out against the MP in response to his explanation for voting against lockdown 3.0.

Karl McCartney was one of 12 Tory MPs that voted against the House of Commons vote. His reasoning for voting against the lockdown measures was the negative economic impact it would have on small businesses, the lost classroom days at school, and the isolated constituents’ mental wellbeing.

The University of Lincoln’s Labour Society said: “The comment we think that got us blocked by Mr McCartney will be ours made in response to his explanation for voting against lockdown restrictions. We said he had consistently put the interests of himself ahead of those of Britain and his constituents and asked how he could claim to have voted “for the wellbeing of children” having voted against free school meals.”

The society continued to say: “To us, it’s a simple matter that he has not voted against lockdown for the wellbeing of young people, and he has instead of challenging our claims that he has not voted in the interests of his constituents, or even the wellbeing of children as he has claimed, blocked us on Twitter.

“We only realised this morning when we went to direct a tweet from the local Lincoln Labour Party to him regarding the disgraceful state of the food parcels given to children by private companies. We wanted to ask him, seeing as he had taken an interest in children’s wellbeing, to raise how a private company, specifically a Conservative donor, has been given so much money to deliver parcels of food for children and has delivered so little.

“Of course, as soon as we realised we’d been blocked it was taken as pretty humorous given that he is our local MP, supposed to be representing the people of Lincoln and he has instead taken to blocking constituents and ignoring their queries. As much as we like having fun at pointing out the ridiculousness of it, it really is concerning to see an MP blocking their own constituents because they don’t like what has been said or asked of them.

“It’s ridiculous and honestly quite childish. A knee jerk response to criticism he didn’t like because we’re questioning how he can claim to vote for school children whilst simultaneously voting against giving them free school meals.”

Karl McCartney has been contacted for comment.

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