36 students at the Uni of Lincoln have tested positive for Coronavirus

A member of staff has also tested positive

Following the news of 6 students living off-campus testing positive for Coronavirus, 36 students at the University of Lincoln have tested positive for COVID-19. The final amount of freshers from across the country made their way to the University of Lincoln over the weekend and as of 9 am this morning, the university has seen 37 positive Coronavirus cases.

Another positive test of the virus is a member of staff at the university. Everyone infected is said to be currently self-isolating with on-hand support from the university.

One of the six students who tested positive spoke to the Lincoln Tab, “I got tested on Friday, with only a very sporadic cough and slight muscle aches, and by that evening I had come down with a fever where I was shivering but boiling hot. We had our suspicions and we thought it was COVID. I woke up on Saturday morning with that dreaded text but without a fever. Over the course of the day, I continued to ache and I was so tired so I just slept the Saturday away.”

A spokesperson for the University of Lincoln said, “As of 9am this morning (14th October) the University of Lincoln has 37 positive Coronavirus cases (less than 0.3% of the university community). One of those is a member of staff. We are in regular contact and providing support as necessary to self-isolating students and staff.”

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