Six Lincoln Uni students have tested positive for coronavirus

‘I can’t even leave my room without making sure where I’m going is clear’

Six students at the University of Lincoln living in student houses have tested positive for coronavirus, The Lincoln Tab can reveal.

The Lincoln Tab spoke to one of the six students who tested positive. They are all living three different households off-campus and are isolating after six positive test results. “I’ll be free at 23:59 on Monday night assuming I’m well. There was a group of six of us who all got tested and we all came back positive and it’s affected us all a bit differently.

“As far as it goes I’m actually feeling okay. I got tested on Friday, with only a very sporadic cough and slight muscle aches, and by that evening I had come down with a fever where I was shivering but boiling hot. We had our suspicions and we thought it was COVID. I woke up on Saturday morning with that dreaded text but without a fever. Over the course of the day, I continued to ache and I was so tired so I just slept the Saturday away.”

“I’ve had quite mild symptoms. A headache every now and then until last night where I actually lost my sense of taste and smell in between eating and dinner and drinking a hot drink a couple of hours later.

“Physically it’s not been awful but I know it’s not the same for everyone and so far I’ve been fortunate – probably because I’m young and relatively healthy. I’m just hoping I don’t get much worse between now and the day I’m allowed out of my room.

“I can’t even leave my room without making sure where I’m going is clear. Self isolation has easily been the hardest part for me. The first thing I’ll do when I’m allowed out will be to go and see my girlfriend or drive somewhere just to get out of the house.”

A spokesperson for the University of Lincoln said: The University of Lincoln has been working closely with public health officials for many months in preparation for the return of our students and there are a range of measures in place to protect our community including our own test and trace system.  Most teaching on campus does not commence until 12th October with a mix of online and face-to-face sessions with social distancing and other safety measures, based on the latest government guidance. There are no cases in students living on campus at this time.  

“Any student with a positive test is required to self-isolate with their household, in line with the current regulations. We are in touch and are providing support as needed to a small number of students who have let the University know about their position. We have processes in place to provide support from our team at the University. The student experience is at the heart of everything that we do at Lincoln and, by staggering our start date bringing students on to campus over a number of weeks we have had the opportunity to learn from others and implement best practice. 

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