Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020: Round Four

The last round of voting is upon us

We have now reached the last round of votings before the finals for Lincoln’s biggest BNOC 2020. Meet the fourth round of nominees and don’t forget to vote below!

Edward Poole, Psychology, Second Year

Edward was described as a ‘flamboyant legend’ and was nominated for bringing joy to everyone. Edward told The Lincoln Tab, “As you know my name is Ed, I am honestly so excited to be nominated for Lincoln’s BNOC. It’s nice to see I’ve caught people’s attention in some way which I would like to think is positive. I think the best way to describe myself is a ‘discount icon’, Walugi enthusiast who makes mediocre Tik Toks.”

Best night out memory:

Getting to have a booth for the Breads and Spreads society at Superbull

Most likely to be seen at:

Any corner of the club at any point in the night

Favourite night out:

Bull is my favourite night out for obvious reasons

Phoebe Smith, Sport & Exercise Science, Third Year

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Belated 21st celebrations 🥂

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Phoebe was described as being ‘the craziest and funniest girl.’ She was nominated for being ‘an absolute legend on a night out’ who is ‘always up for a laugh and everyone she meets loves her!’ Phoebe told The Lincoln Tab, “I’m grateful for being nominated as this is always something me and uni girls joke and talk about throughout our three years! My three years at Lincoln have been the best, from meeting my best friends, getting a degree to making the craziest memories with everyone I have met along the way. Lincoln has given me the funniest, craziest and weirdest nights out.”

Best night out memory:

Christmas Quack last year and getting on stage dressed as Santa and winning the Christmas duck for embarrassingly doing the worm on stage

Most likely to be seen at:

Quack or on the third-floor library

Favourite night out:

My best nights out have nearly always been at Quack

Hector Yapp, Politics & International Relations, Third Year

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Hector was described as the ‘politically-minded love child of David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix’ and was nominated for being ‘incredibly vocal on campus doing work for the BLM Lincoln movement with ACS. Not only this, but he is a beautiful and kind soul.’ Hector told The Lincoln Tab, “My first thoughts of being nominated were ‘why?’ Then followed by a huge ego boost, then the inevitable crushing fear of being known. To the people at Lincoln, big love, go crazy, go stupid, eat your greens and BLACK LIVES MATTER”

Best night out memory:

Probably going to a pub crawl dressed as Thor, walking around campus at 4 am and still handing in my essay that got a 1st that same morning

Most likely to be seen at:

At a protest or top floor of Superbull

Favourite night out:


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