Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020: Round One

The first round has arrived

After much anticipation, it’s time to meet the first group of people who have been nominated for Lincoln’s Big Name on Campus 2020. 

Now without further ado, here is the first round of nominations and don’t forget to vote below.

Jolie ‘Afters’ Quirke, Criminology, Third Year

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Jolie was described as being an ‘absolute sesh monster’. She was nominated for being a ‘legend who hosts the best sesh’s’. She told The Lincoln Tab, “I’m well known at uni for being the girl who always has afters, I’d like to think that being nominated for this means I exceeded everyone’s expectations for the sesh.”

Favourite night out memory:

The walk home after Quack with my friend, we stumbled across some builders who were building the walkover bridge and my friend was trying a little bit too hard to get with one of the builders. Fair to say my Snapchat story went off that night.

Most likely to been seen at:

Every afters going

Best night out in Lincoln:

Anything that goes on at Basement but Quack has always been my guilty pleasure

Josh Potter, Sport & Exercise Science, First Year

Instagram: @jpots1

Josh was described by his friends as being a ‘legend’ and ‘a Greek God’. He was nominated for always having chewing gum on demand. He told The Lincoln Tab, “If you need a lighter or chewing gum on a night out, hit me up.”

Favourite night out memory:

Best night out memory would probably be going back to an afters and needing chewing gum. It’s quite a hard story to explain.

Most likely to been seen:

On the Indie floor

Best night out in Lincoln:


Harrienne Howe, History, Second Year

Instagram: @harrienne_howe

Harrienne was described as being ‘a liability’ and was nominated because of her commitment to going to Quack every Wednesday. She told The Lincoln Tab, “I’m really grateful to be nominated at all. Being social sec of snowsports this year has been the best year of uni so far, and I’ve just tried to lead by example and make sure everyone has a sick time.”

Favourite night out memory:

There are so many night out memories but my favourite is when the whole society was so drunk we all fell off Bierkeller benches like dominoes.

Most likely to been seen at:

Quack or Superbull

Best night out in Lincoln:

Definitely Bull, can’t go wrong with those £2 tequila roses.

Matthew Biggs, Sociology & Social Policy, First Year

Instagram: @matthew_811

Matthew was described as being ‘sexy rexy’ whatever that means and was nominated because he’d be the ‘best dad’. Well ladies, now you know. He told The Lincoln Tab, “It is an honour to be nominated for such a prestigious award. I mean Lincoln is literally one of my middle names (it’s true) and I came to this uni purely because I support the football team… I cannot wait to meet even more of you next year, go out all the time, and put my liver in a spliff. Thanks for the nominations you man, love you!”

Favourite night out memory:

When me and two of my guys had been Keller, we got chatting to a group of girls and were going to back to their place for a few drinks, but stopped to get food first. As we were getting to their accommodation, one of my boys threw up his kebab all over this girl he had been moving too the whole night, bare chicken doner everywhere.

Most likely to been seen at:

Sincil Bank Stadium every Saturday

Best night out in Lincoln:

The best night out in Lincoln. Bull. 1000000%.

Josh Browne, Music, Third Year

Instagram: @josh_browne329

Josh was described as being ‘the face of club nights’. He was nominated for always being on SuperBull’s Instagram page and adding every new fresher on social media. Josh told The Lincoln Tab, “You may or may not know me from being your favourite bloke with a bandana and a multitude of rings from Union and Bounce. I’m not gonna lie I’m surprised the people of Lincoln actually know my name.”

Favourite night out memory:

Elsewhere Vol. 1

Most likely to be seen at:

Any club in Lincoln

Best night out in Lincoln:

Probably when I was out with some mates and my missus and I think someone had a birthday in VIP and I was too drunk to realise whether the party had gone yet but I nicked a balloon and started inhaling the helium in it. Was sat there laughing for about a solid hour and a half.