Here’s why you should write for The Lincoln Tab

We have loaaaads of fun

The Lincoln Tab is holding an open meeting tomorrow at Tower Bar (the perfect place for a pint), and this year we are offering more roles than ever before.

Here is exactly why you should join our team and how writing for The Tab really is a stepping stone into the postgraduate world. You don't want to miss it!

We write stories students care about

It was only two weeks ago when we broke the news that a Lincoln student has fled to Greece to avoid paying rent on his student house.

Since then, the story has reached over 40k views, gone viral on Twitter and caught the eye of other local news outlets.

Whether we are investigating post going missing in Cygnet Wharf; breaking huge University scandals; or writing about crazy student antics; we're the ones providing stories you care about every single week.

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To get a head start in the postgraduate world

It is no secret that scoring a job after you graduate is getting harder and harder, but writing for The Tab can help you gain that experience that may be essential in a competitive world.

Tab writers have had their stories picked up by national media, gone on to write for Vice, i-D, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sun and The Mail – just to name a few.

Tab alumni have won awards such as the Young Journalist of the Year (Gabriel Proground, Tab UCL '16) and done cover interviews for UK Vogue (Ellie Pithers, Tab Cambridge '11) as well as many becoming editors at their resident publication.

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Because it is so much fun

Yes, we work hard to give excellent content, but we always make sure we are enjoying what we do along the way.

Working for us will give you an opportunity to be part of really fun team, write stories about hilarious uni gossip, and yes, we even host Tab socials!

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Come down to Tower Bar on Tuesday 24th September at 6pm to get the full insight and sign up.

If you can't make it then drop us a message on our Instagram page for more info!