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Two lads get kicked out of Lincoln SU for ‘urinating’ on each others shoes

Students’ Union president Kudzai Muzangaza wrote a tweet about the incident


Ever woken up next to your best mate after a night out and asked them if they remember weeing on people for banter? Nah, me neither.

After two guys were kicked out of Engine Shed for urinating on the floor and on people's shoes, SU President Kudzai had to give out an unusual warning.

Reminding people "it's important you do not urinate on the floors in Engine Shed, despite how intoxicated you may be," Kudzai shared an email he sent.

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The tweet posted on Kudzai's public Twitter on 20th October

An official statement sent to us by Kudzai said:

"No two days in a Students’ Union are the same! It must be noted, that this was dealt with as one of our Informal Disciplinaries and the conduct was alleged. It is also the first and hopefully the last time this type of incident occurs and as such I have to reinforce to all students the need to uphold the standard of behaviours we have for members of the SU."

Despite it being 'alleged' conduct, speaking to The Lincoln Tab, one student described seeing a video of the incident.

"They were literally in the toilets and just got their knobs out and pissed all over the floor! It's not the first time they've done it either, they used to piss down the stairs in courts too."

"At first it was just their backs, then they turned around and you could see EVERYTHING, and they were all laughing and almost like 'drawing stuff'."

"They found themselves pretty funny and were pretty proud of themselves."

This is not the first time Lincoln SU has had to deal with the behaviour of its students.

Last year, Atomic Kitten performed at the popular student night Quack and were bottled mid performance. This lead to an angry outburst from Kerry Katona and quick action from the SU, stating that they would ban students for a month if they were caught throwing bottles in the future.

We didn't know Kerry Katona did comedy on the side of her flourishing singing career…

Apparently though, weeing on your mate and people's shoes only gets you a warning.

Better get watching those fresh Nikes guys.