£80 shoes, Xbox games, and cash: Post keeps disappearing from Cygnet Wharf

An estimated £600 worth of Christmas presents have gone missing alongside other items

Cygnet Wharf residents have been left baffled and out-of-pocket after hundred of pounds of post orders haven't turned up.

Items that have gone missing include video games, cards containing money, concert tickets, vans trainers and an estimated £600 worth of Christmas presents.

Victims of missing post have received messages from Royal Mail confirming that their items had been delivered and signed for, but have not been able to locate the items at Cygnet Wharf's mail office.

Lincoln Uni confirmed that they're investigating the disappearances alongside Royal Mail.

The Lincoln Tab spoke to some Cygnet freshers who have had their packages vanish.

£80 Vans trainers

Callum ordered a pair of Vans back in November. Although Royal Mail said the £80 trainers had been delivered, Callum couldn't find them in the Cygnet Wharf post room.

When he reported this, he found that things were just going backwards and forwards. He told The Lincoln Tab: "They are literally sending me back and forth. Royal Mail says they have it and then say they don't have it.

"The University told me they don't have it and it must be with Royal Mail, and then Royal Mail say it has been delivered."

Callum went to Royal Mail to locate his parcel where they stated that the University were at fault, but later received a letter from the Royal Mail confirming they had taken action.

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Victims are receiving apology letters from Royal Mail

Sian, who is missing a pair of £70 trainers, has received the same letter from Royal Mail:

"I complained and was sent back and forth between the Minerva building and Cygnet's post office.

"I opened a case with Royal Mail in the hopes of getting my money back and a few weeks later I received a letter from them.

"This was the last contact I had about the situation. I have been advised to involve the police but I'm not sure how to go about it."

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Sian has confirmation that her trainers have been delivered, but where are they?

Xbox games

Presumably wanting to ease their post-Quack hangovers with some light cartoon video games, Sydnie forked out nearly £30 on a copy of LEGO The Incredibles for Xbox One for her boyfriends Christmas present.

But, again, despite it having been "successfully delivered", the game was nowhere to be found.

Sydnie reported it to Amazon, who said they couldn't give a refund as Royal Mail said the item had been successfully delivered.

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Students have contacted companies they ordered from to help locate their packages

£75 of cash

Amie, a first year Criminology student, gets sent regular post from her family. "I have a relative that sends me money every few weeks just to keep me going. I received one here in the first week but ever since none have got to me," she told The Lincoln Tab.

"There has been three that I should have received but have not. We have never had any issues when she sent it to me at home or my sister who is at University."

She has since had contact with both the University and Royal Mail but there has still been no resolution:

"I rang Royal Mail and they said was that If it wasn’t tracked there wasn’t anything they could do. So then I spoke to the accommodation office and they just said they had nothing and there’s not much they can do about it."

A letter Amie had received appeared to have been opened and re-sealed.

"The only photo that I have is that when my great aunt sent me just a letter with no money, I received it but I had clearly been opened as you could tell by the seal."

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The seal on Amie's letter had been tampered with

Cat was another victim of missing cash and post that had been opened:

"My mum sent me a little ‘care’ package with some money inside but that never arrived.

"My grandparents sent me a get well card with a cheque in worth £20, again never came although after a month the cheque was returned back to my Grandparents.

"They sent me another card with a cheque and it did arrive but it had been opened."

Cat was also missing concert tickets, but was later informed that the staff in Cygnet Wharf's accommodation office had not put the correct delivery slip in her post box.

"I went to Minerva building and got it from the post office.

"The man who works there got annoyed because the people who work in the office keep messing up postal deliveries."

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Cat's concert tickets had been signed for, which took weeks to find

The University of Lincoln say they are aware of the issue and are investigating alongside Royal Mail.

A university spokesperson told The Lincoln: "We are aware of reports of missing or damaged post. The university, supported by Royal Mail, is investigating these reports and would encourage anyone with concerns to speak to the Accommodation team."

Royal Mail declined to comment, despite being approached multiple times by The Lincoln Tab.