‘I’ve got to start looking after myself’: Jay-Jay reveals he’s been diagnosed with cancer

But he’s not looking for sympathy

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We’ve had a right good chin-wag with Lincoln’s Local Legend John Toogood (aka Jay-Jay), a year after our previous interview.

The self-confessed ladies man contacted The Tab to promote his autobiography, Overtures and Beginners, Please, and to reveal why he has had to take a break from his partying.

Jay-Jay turned up to meet us rocking his ‘Fifty Shade of JayJay’ t-shirt and one of his infamous hats.

On his health

“There is a specific reason why I haven’t been out as late and the reason is that I’ve just been diagnosed in Summer with prostate cancer. I’m not looking for sympathy because I’m going to fight it but that’s the reason why I’ve not been around.

“I’m at a hell of a cross-roads in my life because I can’t do what I want to do. I still want to go out – and in my prime nothing would have stopped me from going out.

“I’ve got to start looking after myself now.”

Jay-Jay proudly showing us his book

On his autobiography

“It came out in December 15th 2014. I found a very good author, publisher and printer called Henry Ruddock- who has his own bookshop in Lincoln and he took me on.

“I do mention the fact that I feel very honoured about my title of Jay-Jay The Lincoln Legend in my book, and I thank students for listening to me and respecting me.

“The only way I was going to write an auto-biography was if it was warts and all. In it I confess to having being an alcoholic – although I have battled it now.

“It’s available from Ruddocks’ on the high-street just opposite Walkabout. It’s £12.”

On students

“The university students take a lot of interest in me – and I don’t know why. I don’t know what I’ve done to attract so much attention. I’ve almost been adopted by them. When I’m out they always ask me how I am and say let’s have a selfie.

“They admire my lifestyle and are always telling me how they would love to still be out partying and be as fit as me at my age.

“I get on equally well with male and female students – but I’m not gay if that’s what you’re asking.”

Out on the town

On clubbing

“When I go out clubbing I’m usually last on the floor. I can still out-dance most of the young people. I don’t know all of the music but I can dance to it. I just need anything with a good rhythm.

“In my prime I was going out 7 nights a week – my schedule was Sunday night Trebles and Home, Monday LoveDough, Tuesday Status, Wednesday depends as usually its a dead night other than the Union, Thursday Lola Lo’s, Friday Shack and Saturday Tokyo’s.

“I don’t go out to get pissed and rat-arsed. I used to be a drunkard so now I only drink water.”

On bouncers

“They can’t accept that somebody over 25 still wants to go out and have fun and dance.

“Most of them think I’m up to no good and can’t understand that I just want to go out and have a good time. I’ve been told I’m not welcome in several clubs in Lincoln, and when I’ve asked why – they said I’m nothing but trouble, your reputation goes before you.

“I get on very well with Jamie at Skint. He presents good nights and he always comes up with originality.”

If you’ve got it

On the rumours

“As I don’t drink I’ll often get texts from student friends saying, “pissed and broke, can you take me home?”. This creates the wrong image when the door staff see me, they think I’ve just picked someone up.

“I’m a friendly person, I’m an open person and I’m a genuine person. Nothing ever happens.

“I live close to the student area – if someone wants dropping at Mcdonald’s, I’ll drop them at Mcdonald’s because it’s on my way.”

A statement Jay Jay

On fashion

“When a first wore a cowboy hat I was labelled ‘The Hugh Hefner of Lincoln’ by the end of the night. I thought, if wearing a cowboy hat does this I’m going to wear it all the time. That and a white scarf have now became my trademark.

“I’d like to think I set fashion rather than follow fashion – however I have (points at ripped jeans). I recently bought ripped jeans and did it myself.

“One of my suits are Yves St Laurent because I believe if you pay for something you get quality. You pay for what you get. I lead a Rolls Royce lifestyle on a mini-minor budget.”