Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan
Lincoln University


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A student has been found dead in Mark Street halls in Lincoln

The death is not being treated as suspicious

We’re looking for Lincoln’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Nominate today

Three Lincoln students have set up a website which helps you find your house for next year

Calling all first and second years everywhere

Dont panic but it’s forecast to snow tomorrow in Lincoln

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOOOOW

Lincoln is now one of the top 50 universities in the UK

Onwards and upwards

Police investigate sexual assault in Lincoln city centre

It happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning

An alcohol delivery service has come to Lincoln

The days of having to trek to Sainsburys are long gone

‘Double life’: Lincoln second-year jailed for raiding West End homes

He carried out nine burglaries in the student area

Man with air rifle caught on University of Lincoln campus

Security shouted at passers by to ‘Get out of the way’

If you haven’t been to Vipers you haven’t lived

It’s the lifeblood of sleepy Harrogate

Lincoln might not be cool or edgy, but we love it

You can keep the Warehouse Project, we’ve got Quack

Why you should write for The Tab Lincoln next term

You know you want to

Meet the Lincoln students talking taboo over live video streaming

Would you spit or swallow?

The truth about being a shot girl in Lincoln

‘Girls are in no way told to dress slutty’

The level crossing is the worst thing about Lincoln

It’s one massive pain in the arse

‘I’ve got to start looking after myself’: Jay-Jay reveals he’s been diagnosed with cancer

But he’s not looking for sympathy

Fresher denied the right to play in friendly five-a-side because she was a woman

They didn’t want her to ‘get injured’

Second year wears FakeTaxi costume for halloween

People were queuing for pictures with him

Lincoln’s favourite position is cowgirl

We’re also apparently not very kinky

Britain’s Got Talent is coming to Lincoln

Do you have what it takes?

These are the best hall pranks

Lock your doors

Van caught on campus crossing

The engineer described it as “splendid”

Two Lincoln teenagers launched their own music festival

It’s probably better than T in the Park tbf

We rise again: Lincoln moves up 11 places in uni rankings

Don’t act like you’re not impressed

Teenager pleads guilty to drug offences after death of Lincoln fresher

Ashley Hughes died at Danesgate in December last year

If you go on a night out just to pull, you’re a bore

It shouldn’t be all about the D

The Chuckle Brothers were in Lincoln last night


Accio Weasley! People actually believed Rupert Grint was in Lincoln on Friday

Spoiler alert: He wasn’t

Police appeal for witnesses after sexual assault on Water Lane

It happened on Saturday

Tower Bar pulls Orderella offer after massive demand

Some were getting meals for as little as 10p

Meet the third year who’s been kicked out of every nightclub in Lincoln

He once tried to bribe a bouncer with a kebab

Hooded men raid house on West Parade

It happened last month and police are still appealing for information

These are the people you will always see at Entourage

So predictable

I’d wear flats over heels every night of the week

Stop shaming me for not wearing heels

Pre-drinks are the best part of a night out

And you know it

What have you been stealing on nights out?

Own up

Legal high shops closed after Lincolnshire named capital for abuse

Apparently we’re plagued by junkies

These are the best Christmas jumpers on campus

It’s that time of year again

Please can everyone stop saying ‘bae’

You’re not cool

Yeah, I’m dating my housemate (and what?)

I broke the ultimate freshers rule and I really don’t care

What do boys really like girls to wear?

Turns out they know a thing or two about fashion

Fresher attacked for protecting female friend on walk home from Superbull Friday

A gang of four men brutally attacked first year Dan outside Skint

Devastated student sobs in campus launderette after accidentally washing his iPhone 6

At least it didn’t bend in his pocket

Meet Colin: house mascot and crossdressing traffic cone

Your Fresher’s mascot isn’t as good as this one