Tell us what you eat in a day on campus and we’ll tell you which Christmas villain you are

If I eat all of my advent chocolate in a day I can buy another one, right?

The end of term one is approaching, and you’ve managed to sort out some sort of schedule – and then forget all about it after week six. Now, you and your flatmates have officially started to binge watch all of your favourite Christmas films – with your favourite snacks close by.

You’ve figured out exactly where you’ll be going to eat for your Christmassy days out, and you’re watching your bank account slowly deplete as Greggs sell their new festive drinks. But just how much do your favourite Lancs foods have in common with those of your favourite Christmas villains?

Well, Quizmas is here again, and we’ll be guessing just how similar you are to these festive antagonists based on everything that you eat in a day on campus.


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