Nine of the best spots to watch the sunset around Lancaster

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Lancaster Uni lies in the depths of the countryside, and though Lancaster itself is technically a city, it can often feel like we’re slap-bang in the middle of nowhere. But even with the beautiful canal and luscious green fields, it can be easy to forget what a scenic spot we live in. From the tranquil scenes of Morecambe Bay to the distant spectacular views of the Lake District, we are surrounded by some of the best beauty spots for miles around.

When it comes to sunsets, everyone fancies themselves a professional photographer, but only the most knowledgeable amongst us will know these nine spots for capturing that all-important moment that only comes around once every day. After all, if your phone storage isn’t full of different variations of your favourite picturesque spots across town, then are you truly a Lancs student?

Lancaster Canal

Running between the campus and town, it would be difficult to find a point at which the canal didn’t look incredible at sunset. The reflections on the water make it look like something out of a movie, so we’d definitely recommend planning your evening stroll along this route.

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster city centre is full of history, and hills, and our iconic castle is perched right on the top of one. Not the best if you want a non-sweaty visit to their lush cafe, but perfect if you want to see some awesome views; on a good day, you can see all over Lancaster from its renowned castle walls.

Health Innovation Campus

Arguably, this sight is one of the best spots on campus. At golden hour, the top of the dreaded hill which everyone hates walking up is truly a sight to behold. It’s a reminder of the beautiful green spaces we are lucky to have littered around campus.

Morecambe Bay

A bit further out, maybe not one for a casual evening stroll, but any Lancs student worth their salt will appreciate the views of Morecambe Bay. So is it worth making the trek down there just to see the perfect mix of blues, yellows, and pinks reflected across the sea? We’ll let you decide.

River Lune

Found just at the bottom of town near Sainsbury’s, walking along the bridge over River Lune at dusk is something else. Whether you’re trudging home after a long day at uni, realising you forgot to buy butter for the third day in a row, or heading off out into town to meet some friends for the night, the sight of this scene is bound to lift your mood tenfold.

Jubilee Tower

One of the more secluded spots in Lancaster, the view from Jubilee Tower is simply astounding. Looking out at this open and deserted landscape is an ode to the bewitching Lancashire countryside. Granted, you’ll need a car to get up there, so grab your nearest friend who can drive and beg them to take you one evening. You won’t regret it.

Lancaster town centre

With all its historical architecture and sloping landscapes, it’s hard to imagine a spot in Lancaster city centre that wouldn’t look wonderful as the sun is setting. It’s that magical time of day when all the usual dreary roads and shops shine golden in the light, and you can’t help but snap a picture of the seemingly stunning sky (although it never looks that good when you see the photo again later).

Alexandra Square

Alexandra Square really is the hub of all campus life and all it takes is golden hour to show off all of its glory. A different kind of feeling emerges when you’re plodding along to the Underpass after a 9-6 day on campus and you see the Square lit up by vibrant oranges and yellows. You can leave with a renowned sense of motivation. Well, that is until you see the queue for the bus.

Williamson Park

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a feature from Williamson Park. It has some of the best views around, even on a bad day, so if you happen to be around when the sun sets across a clear sky then you’ll get something entirely different. Williamson Park is the crowning jewel of Lancs sunsets and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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