Lancaster BNOC 2022: Heat two

Here are your second lot of BNOC 2022 contenders

We had so many nominations for Lancs BNOC this year, but there can only be one winner who takes the crown. This is the second of four heats full of contenders for you to choose from so get voting in the form at the end of the article. It’s time for the second heat of this years BNOC competition. Voting is open until Friday 10th June!

Here are your second lot of BNOCS:

Santiago Siabato, second year, Lonsdale, Marketing with Psychology

If you don’t know of Santiago, you’re definitely lying – he knows everyone and everyone knows him. He can’t walk anywhere without seeing 4+ massive friendship groups he knows or being stopped 10 times because he knows everyone. He’s described as a “mad one at sugar” and known for dancing Just Dance in the library pods.

He was surprised to be nominated but couldn’t deny that he somehow knows so many people. He said being part of execs and joining societies helped him to get to know everyone, as well as wearing eyeshadow and going to the toilets in Sugar (a cheeky little tip for wannabe BNOCs).

Vote Santiago below if you believe he is your BNOC.

Jethro Cook, first year, Pendle, Accounting and Finance

When asked why he thought he was the biggest BNOC, he said “to be completely honest I have no clue how I even got here”.

His nomination simply said “I don’t think this really needs explaining. Jethro. Cook.”.

Does Jethro get your vote?

Zia Shaheen, first year, Lonsdale, Business Management

Zia is well known across campus and his nomination told us that everyone they meet just seem to bring Zia’s name out of nowhere or be friends with him.

He was honoured to be nominated and said that “Being an international student, having no previous connections and making new friends at this university has been really fun”. He also looks forward to meeting new people in the future.

If you think Zia is Lancs BNOC, let us know by voting him!

Luke Green, third year, County, Marketing Management

Luke here has an entertaining first year story where he got a bus to go on a night out and was sick as soon he got into town so turned around and got back on the bus back home. He’s also known for his legendary karaoke performance of Pompeii by Bastille in Crafty Scholar.

He said that he likes to joke with his friends and girlfriend that he’s a BNOC because he always sees people he knows on campus so it would be nice to be officially recognised – he ended with “vote for me if you’d like”.

Would you like to vote for Luke? Vote below!

Phil Ouko, fourth year, Furness, Chemical Engineering

Known for his emotional speech when he started his Presidency at Furness, Phil is a well known guy on campus. His nominations told us that when he did a tour of sugar, he knew about two-thirds of the people in there, and a highlight was definitely his before-mentioned speech at the winter ball, which “made everyone shed a tear”.

He would like to say a big thank you to his fans, he has done everything for them and couldn’t have made it this far without their support. He wouldn’t say he is a BNOC but a legend for being here so long and says it would be insulting not to have developed a least a small name for himself.

Do you think Phil is worthy of the BNOC title?

Vic Phillips, third year, Furness, English Literature

Vic is known for her amazing pres in first year and according to the people that know her, she turns into the most wholesome person ever when drunk and writes the most amazing tweets. She is also always up for a laugh.

She was honoured to be nominated but never thought she was a BNOC. She isn’t sure she deserves to win as there are more popular people than her but she is interested to see the results at the end!

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Margaret Liu, second year, Pendle, Psychology and Linguistics

When asked if she thinks she is a BNOC, Margaret told us that she was quite surprised to be nominated as she’s not a very extroverted person so she didn’t think she should win.

She’s known for running five societies and apparently, all the Chinese internationals know her. According to her nomination, literally every person they come across has heard of her!

Do you think Margaret is a BNOC?

Poppy Gibbs, third year, Bowland, History and Politics

“It’s her universe and you just live in it”. Her nominations say she’s a smart cookie who strives to make this uni the best and provide for the students. She’s also known for being Vice President Democracy and Finance on Bowland JCR and is proactive in many campus campaigns. Apparently, she knows so many people that she didn’t have to bother campaigning when running for JCR.

Poppy said that this serves her right for saying “I can’t imagine anything more embarrassing than being nominated for biggest BNOC”. She said this is living proof that saying “It will be funny” can convince her to do anything. She ended with telling everyone to vote for Will Owens so that he can “at least win one election this year”.

Does Poppy get your vote?

Tom Mason, third year, Lonsdale, Linguistics

Tom is known for being the “backbone of Lancaster” as Lonsdale’s JCR VP, with his good looks and impeccable humour. He has constant visibility on social media and is always in Sugar on a night out. The funniest quote from him is that he “had to put his hood up in the library” to stop people coming up and chatting to him.

When asked about being nominated for BNOC, he simply said “Let the people decide x”. The words of a true BNOC.

Are you going to vote for Tom as your BNOC?

Trina Lappin, Grad College, Criminal Justice and Law

Trina is known for her alter ego “Kathy” on a night out and getting absolutely wild. She went to Sugar in a banana costume with a baby mask on and according to her nominations, a night out with her is wild. She is always the person making sure you’re safe after a night out, even though she is stumbling drunk herself.

She said she lost rock, paper, scissors to accept her nominations and that she doesn’t deserve to win.

Do you think she deserves to win? Let us know below!