It’s official: Here are all the college Extrav themes of 2022

From pirates to blockbusters, the colleges are really going for it this year

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and for some students, they’ve been waiting a very, very long time.

Across the first few days of June, all eight undergraduate colleges at Lancaster announced their themes for the end of year Extrav 2022. This will be the first year since 2019 that Extravs won’t be marked by testing, rigid social distancing and last minute cancellations, all thanks to the impact that Covid-19 had on last year’s Extravs. With themes ranging from St Trinian’s to Grand Prix, there is a wide variety in terms of choices for what to attend this year, all spread out over three days at the end of the month. Tickets go on sale soon, with students able to access a pre-sale for their college and a general sale for other colleges.

County – Eurovision

Despite a previous theme having been leaked as a joke, County announced their theme as Eurovision through a two-minute-long trailer that featured clips from bands such as Abba and JCR members sitting in Graham Norton’s red chair. It was accompanied by the caption, “It’s here! Did you spot all the clues? Sit back, relax and watch everything you might have missed as we announce your Extrav theme for this year (Again – it is not MorbStrav)”.

County’s Extrav will be held Tuesday 28th June

Bowland – Las Vegas

Bowland revealed their Las Vegas theme through a trailer that featured poker chips, card tables, and a roulette wheel. Previous clues had included a red carpet and wedding bells. Their caption read, “This year… join us… as we bring Las Vegas to Lancaster for Bowland’s Extrav 2022! Save the date: 29th June 2022. Keep an eye on our social media to find out how to secure your tickets soon! Remember… what happens in Vegas…”

Bowland’s Extrav will be held Wednesday 29th June

Fylde – Cowboys and Aliens

Fylde’s two-minute-long trailer revealed their theme as “Wylde West: Intergalactic Invasion”. The caption that accompanied it gave details as to the professional nature of the trailer, explaining that it was shot on location and had help from a professional filmmaker: “It’s here… our extrav theme for 2022 is Wylde West: Intergalactic Invasion! Tickets go on sale next week (more information coming soon!) Did you work out the hints? Featuring your JCR Exec and with massive thanks to Old Hall Farm (@oldhallfarmbouth) for letting us use your farm and James and Matt from Wayward Production House (@waywardproductionhouse) for filming and editing!” Previous hints had included Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

Fylde’s Extrav will be held Tuesday 28th June.

Furness – Back to the Blockbusters

In a two minute video on their Facebook page, which featured the Furness JCR paying tribute to films such as Love Actually, Harry Potter, The Sound of Music and The Wizard Of Oz, the college announced their theme as Back to the Blockbusters. The video was accompanied by the caption, “SURPRISE WE’RE TREATING YOU TO AN EARLY EXTRAV REVEAL!!! We just couldn’t wait to reveal our Extrav theme. Let us know what you think of the theme! We will be releasing more information about ticket sales soon so keep an eye on our social media accounts!!”

Furness’ Extrav will be held Thursday 30th June.

Grizedale – Grand Prix

The theme for Grizedale, Grand Prix, was revealed through a trailer that featured clips of Formula 1, Mario Kart, Fast and Furious and the Pixar movie Cars. It was accompanied by the caption, “The Grize Prix is coming to you this June 29th. This summer get ready to party at Grizedale’s Extrav 2022, an ode to everything racing! We’re getting the starting flags ready for what is sure to be Grizedale’s biggest and best event yet.. you don’t want to miss it.”

Grizedale’s Extrav will be held on Wednesday 29th June.

Pendle – Jurassic Park

Pendle has announced in their trailer including dinosaurs and bone-digging that their Extrav theme will be Jurassic Park. It was accompanied by the caption, “Here is our reveal trailer for Extrav 2022! We hope you have as much fun watching as we did making it, keep an eye on this event for more details soon!!”, with previous hints including a map of South America.

Pendle’s Extrav will be held on Tuesday 28th June.

Lonsdale – Pirates

Lonsdale announced their pirate-themed Extrav through a three and a half minute-long clip from Pirates of the Caribbean, in which the Lonsdale logo and members of the JCR had been edited in to replace characters. It was accompanied by the caption, “Lonsdale College presents… Pirates of the Lonsdalion: Curse of the Red Lion”. Previous hints had included a screenshot of a pirating advert from the 2000s, with the phrase “You wouldn’t steal an Extrav theme”.

Lonsdale’s Extrav will be held on Wednesday 29th June.

Cartmel – St Trinian’s

Cartmel’s trailer declared their theme to be the cult favourite film St Trinian’s; it featured members of the exec in school uniforms. Previous hints had included a disco ball and the quote, “We are taking you back in time.”

Cartmel’s Extrav will be held on Thursday 30th June.

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