We interviewed Lancs Star Wars Society for Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars has long been an international cult phenomenon, with 12 live-action movies and a whole ton of companion shows, books, and comics to date. It turns out that Lancaster has been hiding a secret fan base all this time: the Lancaster University Star Wars Society is one of the newer groups on campus. Despite their Instagram page being established in February of this year, they have already amassed 115 followers, and their regular meetings and socials are well attended. For Star Wars Day 2022, we spoke to Star Wars Society about what they do and how you can get involved with their intergalactic events.

‘Screenings, quizzes and competitions’

We asked what a Star Wars soc meeting or social entails, to which they replied: “We meet every Wednesday at six, usually in Fylde Common Room or Lonsdale Cinema Room, and we do screenings, quizzes and competitions. We also hold Thursday socials at Pizzetta Republic to catch up on the latest Star Wars news over food.”

They did explain that tonight’s meeting is a special one for Star Wars Day, and said: “To celebrate Star Wars day, we’ll be screening Rogue One and A New Hope in Fylde Common Room at six. We’ll also have a PS5 to allow members to play the new Lego Star Wars game, a competition to build Star Wars vehicles out of Lego and blue milk to quench your thirst.”

Where to start with Star Wars though?

There are so many Star Wars films to choose from, it’s nigh on impossible to know where to start from these days. And of course, you can say that you will start at the beginning, but is the beginning number four or number one? We asked Star Wars Society the bets way to get into the franchise. Their recommendation? “To get into Star Wars, we recommend picking a film you like the look of and going from there. If it helps, have someone who knows about Star Wars to watch with you and answer any questions.”

‘Sharing our love for the franchise’

Our final question was what is the best thing about being in the Star Wars society, to which they said: “Definitely the homemade Blue Milk and cookies! But on a more serious note, to come together with other like-minded individuals who enjoy Star Wars as much as we do and share our love for the franchise through our various gatherings and activities.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Lancaster Star Wars Society, you can find their Instagram page here.

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