‘By students, for students’: We spoke to Sun Pizza about new changes to their restaurant

The extended menu now includes cocktails

We went to Sun Pizza and sat down with owners, and Lancaster students, Declan and Adam to discuss their redecoration and plans to attract more of the student population in Lancaster to their restaurant. As they are students themselves, they want their customers to be students too.

With an expanded menu, an addition of cocktails, and an ethos to provide good food to Lancaster students made by students, Sun Pizza is a brilliant choice of restaurant for eating out in town.

Adam described Sun Pizza in three words: “Authentic, modern, and affordable”.

What’s new to Sun Pizza?

Sun Pizza has been going since the summer of 2021, when the business first opened. But since then, they have been “focusing on building the business” and have revamped the restaurant from the decorations to the menu. They said that the place has had “a fresh lick of paint”, making it feel “more student-y”.

They have expanded their menu and now serve pasta dishes, in which you can choose what type of pasta you would like. Adam said that the best thing on the menu is the Carbone, which is like the Gigi Hadid pasta recipe. They will change anything to suit your needs by providing gluten-free options. They said they focus on “inclusivity” and “what you order we can cater for.”

They also now serve cocktails at a very affordable price. They said: “They have alcohol in so it will attract students”.

Sun Pizza menu

It’s hard to compete with high street names

As Sun Pizza is not on the high street, Declan and Adam told us it has been difficult to attract students into the restaurant while being tucked away down Sun Street. They said that it’s “hard to get natural traffic”. Therefore they have to spend more time advertising on social media to spread awareness about their restaurant.

They also said that while they do have a lot of business, it’s mainly the locals who eat in. However, they want more student customers as they pride themselves on being a student-run business and want to provide food for the student population.

While they also do a lot of pizza deliveries, they want to move away from takeaways and focus more on attracting people to eat in and have that experience in the restaurant. This also benefits their business more as they don’t have to pay additional fees to food delivery companies.

Great working environment

Everyone who works at Sun Pizza is a student. They told us that it’s a happy working environment as they “get away from stresses”. They said: “We create a safe space for everyone working here and put a smile on their faces.”

They also make sure to be sustainable by “keeping plastics down” and reducing food waste.

Managing uni life and business

Obviously, being in their third year of an undergraduate degree and managing a full-scale business makes life challenging for Adam and Declan. We asked how they balance the Sun Pizza with their uni work and were quickly encouraged to move onto the “next question”.

Adam described the business as “his baby”; this emotional attachment makes it difficult to focus on his law degree as “his heart’s not in it” in the same way. At the end of the day, both boys love coming to work, as do all the student staff members. This shared positive attitude is what makes the business manageable. The boys said they “don’t know what they’d be doing otherwise”.

The new hub for society socials

The staff members at the Sun Pizza think of themselves as being “like a little society”. Everyone involved is there by choice, having fun and wants to see the business succeed. Think of Adam and Declan as more akin to exec members than big scary bosses. Although the boys are unlikely to need more staff until the summer, students can still become part of the community differently: hosting socials at the restaurant.

If societies help make the restaurant the new hot spot for meetings and social events, they are willing to offer discounts or other incentives. With lots of space, flexibility and great food, it is unclear what more a social sec could desire. Except, that is, the new cocktail menu, packed full of alcohol and with plenty of variety on offer, even the most skint student can join in the fun at six pounds a pop.

How students can show support

The Sun Pizza is just as willing to offer work experience to marketing and art students willing to help design posters, advertise and help market the restaurant. Students can help out a budding business and build their own CVs simultaneously. What’s not to love?

To contact the boys about ways to get involved (or inquire about the best possible pizza topping combinations), find the Sun Pizza on Instagram or Facebook.

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