If the cast of Euphoria studied at Lancs uni here’s what college they’d be in

Fez would definitely live in a County townhouse

Euphoria is officially back on our screens! Season two of the smash hit show about drug-taking, glitter wearing, drama-prone teens is off to a dramatic start. Complete with a catchy soundtrack and clothes that we only dream of owning, it’s safe to say we’re all waiting eagerly for Mondays when the new episodes drop.

Although Euphoria is set in a place far-flung from the Lancs Uni campus, the real question is if Rue and Co. managed to look at Lancs uni colleges amid their packed schedules of drinking, partying and drug antics and decide which one is best for them.

Rue – Bowland

The main character of  Euphoria. Portrayed by Zendaya, Rue narrates this series while going through her drug addictions and love journey with Jules.

Rue is definitely a Bowland gal because of her hardcore partying antics and would fit in well with those in Bowland. Bowland is situated in the centre of campus, and therefore this would be ideal for Rue as she is the protagonist. It is easy to spot any member of Bowland, often seen wearing baggy t-shirts, glittery makeup and having an addictive personality. Clearly, Rue has more than one thing in common with most Bowland students.

Jules – Furness


Jules is the new girl in town in series one of Euphoria and swiftly becomes the best friend and love interest of Rue. She always has funky hairstyles and sports artistic makeup and, in the words of Fezco, is deeply inspired by “Sailor Moon”.

Jules is an artistic girl who would most likely study Fine Art and do her shopping for vintage fashion at the Emporium and party the night away at Tipple and Study Rooms, all whilst being dressed in high fashion. She would feel right at home.

Maddy – Grizedale

Maddy is by far the baddest bitch on the show, and her character plot heavily focuses on her boyfriend Nate and the toxicity at the root of their relationship. She’s also best friends with Cassie, and they both are on the same cheer team.

A self-described material girl, Maddy would be the kind of person who comes to lectures with an oat milk latte from Costa and tap away on her MacBook. In summer, Maddy is the type of girl who sits on the steps in Alex Square and pretends she’s the main character whilst being nominated as one of the Tab’s biggest BNOCs. It makes sense for Maddy to be in Grizedale because it is the perfect place for her to meet a rich, Tory boy to fund her expensive taste in clothes.

Cassie – Pendle

Cassie is a real people pleaser and would do anything for the people she loves. She is the older sister to Lexi and is a serial romantic, as most of the first season focuses on her relationship with McKay.

Pendle is one of the biggest colleges at Lancaster, meaning that Cassie could make many friends in the college and a different group to visit Lancaster on Ice to show off her childhood passion for figure skating. Cassie is the kind of girl who would never say no to a party and would spend many nights dancing the night away in Pendle Rooms.

Fezco – County

Fezco is formerly Rue’s dealer and spends a lot of time caring for his younger brother and his drug-riddled friend. The first episode of the second season focuses on his complex and dire backstory, which provides him with more depth than what meets the surface in season one.

We can honestly say that Fez would thrive in County, as it is the biggest college, and he would be in constant demand. Is there any County boy that does not dress like Fez?

McKay – Fylde

McKay is first introduced through his relationship with Cassie and his friendship with Nate. He is a uni student (or college student if you’re American) who plays sports, but mainly American Football. It is quite sad that he hasn’t been featured much in season two, but we are eager to see him next appear on our screens.

McKay is on the American Football team and plays with the elites, so it’s only right for him to be in Fylde college, where everyone has a sporty stereotype. It’s unlikely that those in Fylde are seen in Sugar, but McKay and everyone in Fylde hit the gym too much to care.

Nate – Lonsdale

Although Nate is a popular student and is on the American Football team, it is very obvious that he is one of the most toxic characters in a tv show ever. Nate is abusive, manipulative, and aggressive to his girlfriend Maddy, which are all fuelled by his confusion around his own sexuality, his deep desire for Jules, and his dad’s pressure to be ‘perfect’.

Maybe a little controversial, but we think that Nate would be a member of Lonsdale college for some reason.

Lexi – Cartmel

In season one, Cassie takes the spotlight out of these siblings, and therefore it is about time that she is given more screen time in season two. Lexi is clever, selfless and observant, and sometimes she is the only character who realises how messed up everything truly is.

Our girl Lexi is the only character ever seen studying; thus, she has a good work ethic and doesn’t leave her essays until the day before, much like all Cartmel students). She has the brains and beauty and thus would have no struggle getting into the hardest working college on campus.

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