30 lyrics all Lancs students can relate to from JLS’s new album 2.0

Four is TOO accurate

What’s more nostalgic than listening to the artists you loved when you were 10 years old? So, when JLS announced they would be reuniting and releasing a new album, well, let’s just say 2021 has officially been saved. Upbeat pop music is just what we need to get us through the rest of Michaelmas term and JLS are here to give us that feel good relief from writing those essays and dreaded deadlines.

Now we’re old enough to know what all the lyrics actually mean, there are many lyrics in this new album which resonate with students. From sleeping with excuses of why we’re not writing our coursework to being thankful for those friends we made on day one, here are 30 lyrics from 2.0 we can all relate to as Lancs students.

‘I’ve been sleeping with excuses’ – Postcard

Going to bed thinking of all the excuses that could be used for why you need an extension for the coursework you haven’t done.

‘So I’m gonna run faster than a bullet do’ – Postcard

Getting off the bus after a night out and racing to Sultans before the queue gets too long.

‘We could be 100 miles apart, and I ain’t gonna write you a postcard’ – Postcard

When your friend lives in Cartmel or Lonsdale and you never keep in touch as you never see them.

‘You gonna learn, who you shoulda put first’ – Postcard

You get your coursework grade back and wish you’d prioritised your degree instead of going out three times a week.

‘We can watch the sun go down on the city lights’ – Eternal love

When you go to Williamson Park with your friends to watch the sunset. Immaculate vibes.

‘We’re in an eternal love’ – Eternal love

The love Lancs students have for the ducks is immeasurable and infinite.

‘I don’t love no one like I love you’ – Day one

Me to my Sultans cheesy curly fries.

‘You’re my day one, my ride or die’ – Day one

To my flatmates I met on the first day of uni who I still live with today: I love you guys xxx

‘I wanna hold on longer’ – Day one

Desperately clinging onto my uni days as I don’t want to graduate and go into the real world.

‘You’re one of a kind’ – Priceless

Every Lancs students to their Greggs sausage roll.

‘You’re like royalty my highness’ – Priceless

Sultans are the kings of campus.

‘We keeping it moving till we hear the birds’ – Tango

Staying at Sugar until it closes. Just before you want to leave they play Mr Brightside then Katy Perry so you end up staying all night.

‘Know that I appreciate you, appreciate you’ – Glow

Lancs students appreciating their Spar meal deal when there is anything other than a ham and cheese sandwich left.

‘It’s the way I feel about you, feel about you’ – Glow

The love we have for our course mates who help us get through deadlines and exams are too special.

‘Everything is gonna be alright, you know you got this’ – DNA

Hyping yourself up to start your essay. When pulling an all-nighter in the library with lots of caffeine, anything is possible.

‘It’s kinda hard to see the end at times’ – DNA

Not knowing how you’ll make it to the end of your degree. Might drop out next week, we’ll see…

‘It’s all about the sacrifice’ – DNA

Sacrificing your social life to scrape a 2:1. The things we do for our degree.

‘Do you remember the days when we started, we were young, we were scared’ – Love immortal

At graduation reflecting back on first year. What a simpler time.

‘Used to dream we could be what we wanted’ – Love immortal

Coming to uni with big dreams and expectations of becoming successful after getting a degree.

‘Just you and I’ – Love immortal

At uni it’s just you and your laptop against the world.

‘Told myself we’d be alright, but I don’t think I meant it’ – Love immortal

Half way through writing the essay and you have a breakdown and lose hope that everything will be OK.

‘You said I was wrong, you’re right’ – Love immortal

Your seminar tutor saying you got the answer wrong.

‘I’m calling up to hear that you’re okay’ – Love immortal

Make sure to check up on your friends, especially during deadline season.

‘You are not alone, you are not alone, you are not alone’ – Feel your love

Don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat. No one understands the essay question. Don’t panic.

‘Out on the floor, in this crowded room’ – Feel your love

The second room in Sugar after midnight. If you lose your friend, you won’t find them again until hours later at the bar.

‘You turn seconds to minutes and minutes to hours’ – Nothing without u

When your lecture drags on.

‘If there’s anything that you want, I-I-I’ll do it for you’ – Audition

Lancs students would do anything for the Greggs queue to go down at lunch time.

‘I don’t need Gucci if I got you on me’ – Audition

Students who wear their Lancaster Uni hoodie everyday.

‘Step one, the first stage of the night’ – Audition

The first step to a Lancs night out is going to get cash out for the Sugar entry.

‘Don’t take it personal’ – Looking at me

What your seminar tutor says when they give you negative feedback.

If you haven’t been listening to the new JLS album on repeat, then what have you been doing?

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