Only X-Factor fanatics can correctly guess the ages of these iconic contestants

From Wagner to Jedward to Cher Lloyd

The X-Factor was the highlight of everyone’s Saturday night. We all loved it. It was our guilty pleasure that encouraged us to buy loads of snacks and settle in for an evening of nightmarish auditions, luxury judge’s houses and the stress of the live finals.

X-Factor was a national treasure. From the auditions which made us cry laugh as Louis and Sharon were sent out, to the cringe-worthy watch every time Simon raised his hand to stop the music. But looking back on memories of the show, the most mind blowing part is how young all our favourite icons were. We used to look at the members of the over 25s like they were the OAPs of the show and our biggest X-Factor crushes were just 15 and 16.

Cast your minds back and take this quiz to see if you can accurately remember how old the iconic contestants of the show were when they auditioned.

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