All students who attended Grad Ball forced to isolate

Students in attendance were also banned from this year’s extravs

Around 150 students in attendance at the Lancaster Graduate Ball have been told that they will need to complete an isolation period after an outbreak of coronavirus.

The ball, organised by LUSU and held last Monday night at Kanteena, provided an opportunity for this year’s graduates to celebrate their achievements, something which at the beginning of this academic year seemed an impossibility.

Students were not required to provide a negative Covid test to attend the ball, meaning there was no monitoring whether the virus was being brought into the premises.

Since the ball, at least one student in attendance has reported that they have tested positive, and all those at the ball have been forced to complete a period of isolation.

The graduates received an email from the university, informing them that they must all isolate, take a PCR test, and that they would not be permitted entrance to this year’s extravs.

A spokesperson from Kanteena told The Tab Lancaster they “followed every single bit of advice given to us by the NHS and Lancaster council” and that if they had been “consulted by the someone at the uni we would of passed on the info we received from the NHS and the council which was contrary to the info sent out in the uni email and would have said there was no need to isolate.”
LUSU also told The Tab: “The Students’ Union became aware of an issue at Kanteena where members of staff had tested positive for Covid-19. We acted quickly to contact all students who had attended the recent Grad Ball encouraging them to take a PCR and/or LFD.”

 “The event was ticket-only, and so we were able to identify all students that had attended immediately and get in touch with them.”

 “We are now making sure they have all the support they need to self-isolate and take the appropriate tests. We will comply fully with any guidance given to us by Public Health England or LCC in this matter.”.

One student who thinks they contracted coronavirus from the event explained to The Tab Lancaster that other than the email informing all attendees to take a PCR test and informing them of their obligation to isolate, they have had no communication from the university regarding their situation.

A spokesperson for the university said, “We have been liaising with LUSU on the basis of notification from Public Health England arising from the event at Kanteena to ensure that students are contacted and receive appropriate advice about requirements for testing and self isolation.”

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