In-person teaching to be resumed from October 2021

‘We expect to be able to resume in-person teaching’

Lancaster University have confirmed that in-person teaching will resume from October 2021.

This follows a year of online learning and students across the country are waiting apprehensively to find out whether their universities will be resuming in-person teaching in the academic year 2021/22.

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The Tab Lancaster reached out to the university to discover what their plans will be for the next year. Their reply stated: “We are following the advice from the UK Government, Universities UK and Public Health England and our priority is the welfare of our students and staff.

“Based on the current advice, it is our expectation that the University campus will be open for both academic and social activities and we are planning for our students on campus-based programmes to return to study here in Lancaster in October 2021.”

They also explained that for new students, welcome week will commence from the October 4th, whilst returning students will begin their term on the 8th, and they “expect to be able to resume in-person teaching at that time.”

The university disclosed that they will continue online teaching in some areas, “because [their] experience during the pandemic has shown there are advantages for certain types of learning, but our campus-based courses will be mostly taught in lecture theatres, labs and seminars as before the pandemic started.”

However, if the government deems it necessary, online teaching will be resumed full-time for all subjects, and “a mixture of campus-based and online teaching” will also be a possibility if appropriate.

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